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Hi there,

I got a message from this account that looks like they are trying to pretend they are some type of Fiverr official account.
So is it an official one ?


No, that’s not an official Fiverr account! (look at their account name, it’s FLVERR to mislead you)

It’s a seller who joined this month and used a misleading name to attract buyers or maybe to scam people :frowning:

Here’s what it says on the account’s profile page:

“We are fiverr gig promoters in fiverr service.We can help you to be a busy seller in Fiverr.”

They are not Fiverr.

P.S. how can they even help you become a busy seller since they, themselves, are new to Fiverr, have only two reviews and not much sales? :joy:


I would suggest that you contact Customer Support and directly report this account to the Trust and Safety team. Be sure to mention that they are using the term FLVERR as a way of misleading others with the lowercase appearance of fiverr. The Trust and Safety team won’t be able to share the details of their investigation, but they will probably shut down that account if they understand the potentially malicious intent.


Yes, looks totally strange also because their profile picture is the Fiverr’s logo :smile:


Their actual LOCATION is GMT +5.5