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Fiverr Sale - Buy 4 Get 1 Free...Tons of incomplete orders!


Well it’s not a rant if I don’t use gross exaggerations. :smile:

Every time Fiverr has a sale, I mysteriously get orders from people with no details and without the supplied media to get their projects started. These 24 hour gigs are tough to get turned around if I don’t get the files from the start.

I assume that people are buying 4 and getting 1 gig free or whatever the Fiverr special is. Is this how it works? I don’t buy enough on Fiverr to know.

Don’t get me wrong. It is great for Fiverr to do promotions which they pay for out of their pocket, and it does help generate sales. It has got to the point where when I see a Fiverr advertisement for a discount or sale, I start to chuckle and wonder what the next few day is going to be like.

Can I say “I absolutely Love Fiver” or will it cause this post to get kick out of the rant section. :slight_smile:


Rant or Conversation, it’s good either way.

Your titled got me laughing. 5r may send me a spend $20 and get $5 type deals occasionally. I only get those when I haven’t made a purchase in awhile, like a month or more.


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That’s probably why I get the emails all the time. The Fiverr system thinks that I have stopped engaging.


Now I am confused? Should I only be ranting about my awesome wife?


Perhaps, if she is the woman uppermost in the amorous congress, I guess.