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Fiverr Sales Decrease,Does Anyone Experience The Same Issue?


Does anyone experience the same issue,especially when the forum update came ,i stopped geting any new messages,sells.
Even when i use "Buyer Request’ section i dont get new messages like i usually do!
Last week for examples i got around 15-20 new orders,and this week is so dead.
If you have similar issues share it here,some administration answer would be helpful! :slight_smile:

yes, i dead from 1/10 til now XD same issue for all of us

I think Fiverr team should start taking some actions about this…

yup i hope they will do

I always have that issue from time to time. Here is what i do, I change my gig gallery, change my tags, experiment. :slight_smile:

Thank you ,im going to try this :slight_smile:

My sales seem back to normal

Congratulations,its good to hear that the orders are back to you again,now i hope its my turn.Its been one week and i receive only 1 order lol

Hope it will increase.