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Fiverr Sales Experience Becoming Worst!

Hi Guys,
My name is Awais. I’m a Level 1 Seller.

From the last six months, the same issue:roll_eyes:
Every month’s last ten days brings me a number of orders which are very good but every time when the new month starts my sales went drastically down & for twenty days I have nothing to do expect to refresh my profile again & again to keep myself online on the platform. In those twenty days, I also try to send 3-5 buyer requests in a day also because most of the time I find the budgets very low to work on such professional projects.

Am I the only one who is facing such problems or there are some others on the list also?

My Fiverr Profile:

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There are many thousands of animation gigs in Fiverr. You should be impressed that you make any sales at all.


Thank You for your appreciation @humanissocial.

Yes, I’m impressed with myself but I was also disappointed a bit because I’m trying so hard to get my gig ranked on first page rather than on second page where it is now but my gig is not making any progress.

I’m hoping that “Tomorrow’s Sun Will Come With A New Shine !”

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I’m sure thousands of the animation sellers are also trying today to do that.


Yes, there are thousands on the list trying to excel on the first page. There is still something missing that is not letting me rank on the first page. I’m trying to find that & I’m sure I will figure it out soon. Maybe algorithms are not finding my gig SEO good to rank:face_with_monocle:

Not sure!!!
This post purpose was to ensure whether I am doing a mistake or it’s because of a lot competitors in the niche. Maybe it’s because of thousands of competitors fighting for the same keyword!

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You should know that ranking well entails a lot of factors that have nothing to do with your optimization or performance. There are many factors that you can’t control. There is no keyword that would override that because that isn’t how algorithms work. They are programs.

Also, you are using Vyond but your price doesn’t teven cover their fees for third-party resale, so I am going to report this.

@humanissocial I perfectly know the third party license & I always buy for my clients not per video but according to my per month contract with Vyond. When you buy for per video you have to pay $90 but when you choose the business partner third party license by contacting Vyond they give you a special discount for per videos a month. Like my contract to them is 10 videos a month on $100 additional with my subscription price. This is how Vyond works. I make enough from Vyond a month to pay the third party license.

Have a look at the details,

Okay I’m sorry.

That would mean you only charge $15 per video, even less if you don’t make 10 sales in a month if people buy only Basic.

The whole point of third-party use is to be able to charge more, not just to cover costs.

When professional buyers see you just covering costs, they may be skeptical of your quality.

No Problem @humanissocial. It’s not that way you think. I have worked on 4 videos 3 minutes long.I have charged $200 each. This is the way how you manage the stuff.There were only two videos just 30sec long. There are many points which we adjust while setting our packages. In these packages even after paying for the subscription & license I’m earning a good profit. As I will go again to my Level two my packages will change again.

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Thanks for explaining and I’m glad. Just seems like a big risk if, as you say, you have dry spells and/lower priced orders.

It seems like a risk but it is not. When you will be professional you will get the tips. The adjustments are made like this ! Sometimes you get $10 Tip sometimes more than even $20. Your work appeals to the buyers.

I’m glad for you, but that is what I mean. You may not get tips. An investment like this shouldn’t be dependent on things out of your control because that is risky.

Glad it’s working out for you!

Yes its work for me. Vyond is not the only thing I offer on Fiverr. I have a lot of expertise on After Effects aslo.

Fiverr is not the only way for me to earn online. My Facebook business page is also here which helps me deals with the clients outside the Fiverr which means I’m not risking myself.

Facebook Business Page helps a lot from staying out of risk !

Oh well then you definitely should now that getting in the first page or even second page is permanent.
Fiverr rotating gigs and sometimes gigs from the first page might appear on the last.

Another thing to bare in mind that your buyers might see your gigs on a different position from where you see them.

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@mariashtelle1 Yes this is also another fact. Fiverr Search Engine is unpredictable !

when you got your order back to back, don’t stop your gig marketing, i hope u understood

Yes, I know this but when you will have 4-5 orders in que then you can’t focus yourself on buyer request or marketing because you will be very busing in preparing the delivery.