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Fiverr sales going down

Fiverr Sales and Fiverr profit revenue is going down…Cuz After version 3.0 came.

Fiverr guys tried to solve past bugs…instead they created lots of problem in new version…

Problem No. 1. Fiverr guys thinks… Buyer is everything for fiverr…and they do not give any priority to seller…That’s why Real Seller are going away from fiverr.

2. They think Sellers are slave on fiverr.

3. They are changing fiverr rules without informing.

4. They think Seller are nothing for fiverr.

I suggest Fiverr guys… Now It’s time for take seriously priority for seller…otherwise fiverr can fully down…

Who’s agree to me!!!

Yes I agree with you! Fiverr don’t care of sellers they don’t know seller are the pillar of this website if they don’t change there policy best sellers will not go away to this website.

Do you realize you just replied to a 4-year-old post?

Fiverr is still here even though the OP predicted Fiverr would come fully down. :wink:

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