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Fiverr sales are extremely low these days. Also, my funds are past clearance dates and stil showing pending clearance. Have anyone experienced such problem?


Mine dropped too but now they are rating high again… i guess it happens like that at times


My sales haven’t been quite up to par since late December.


I have the second issue you mention happen once per month. Usually, Fiverr releases the funds a couple of days later when it happens. At first I was concerned but now since it happens regularly, I just wait for a few days before worrying.


I was doing great last summer and fall. I really thought my Fiverr business was starting to take off so I quit my part time job. Then in November and December my gigs dropped to about one third of what they were in October. I still have a 99% rating and get great comments from my buyers so I don’t know what is happening. I do voice over work. Maybe there are just too many sellers and not enough buyers.