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Fiverr Sanitize "Buyer Request" Section NOW!


I believe every seller here has noticed how much abuse the “buyer request” section has suffered. Most sellers are guilty of this abuse.

The “buyer request” section is supposed to be a place where buyers post their jobs and sellers are supposed to simply send in their offers for such jobs.

However what you find there now is sellers posting their gigs and asking for buyers. I believe this contravenes fiverr’s terms. But I am so surprised that fiverr has done nothing about it.

The “buyer request” section is very useful to new sellers who use it as an opportunity to get their first set of orders in a market place that continues to be keenly competitive.

I quite appreciate all the update that fiverr has been embarking on to make our community more interesting and better BUT I want to make a big clarion call to the fiverr admins to CLEAN UP the “buyer request” section NOW without further delay.

It’s long overdue and the time is NOW!

Fiverr, over to you!


No. Not even remotely true. While there are certainly a few sellers who misuse BR, “most sellers” do not. Let’s not make sweeping generalizations.

Also not true. Fiverr does deny BR postings that go against their terms. Do they catch all bad requests, no, but they are hardly not doing anything about it. Again, it would be wise not to make sweeping generalizations.[quote=“fivestardom, post:1, topic:136184”]
I want to make a big clarion call to the fiverr admins to CLEAN UP the “buyer request” section NOW without further delay.

Making demands is also unwise. Fiverr officials rarely read these forums. Making demands of them here on the forums isn’t going to result in immediate action.


But I believe they should and can do more and I wonder how best to get their attention on this


Be patient. An imperfect Buyers Request section is not the end of the world, nor does it negatively impact your ability to be successful here on Fiverr.

If you aren’t finding enough BR requests that fit your seller interests, you have every ability to go find customers elsewhere. Don’t depend upon Buyers Requests to make you successful. That’s probably not going to happen. Successful sellers diversify their sales strategies here on Fiverr. Promote elsewhere. Take out ads online. Promote offline where your customers can be found. Participate in targeted forums on website where your customers are located. Build a social media following.

YOU determine your own success. Don’t expect Fiverr (or BR) to make it happen for you.


The poster has a very valid point. This request has been covered already on other threads and I believe an official request ticket has been issued to fiverr let us all keep our fingers crossed.


Thank you,

Fingers absolutely crossed and we are eagerly waiting for something good from fiverr admins and that soonest too…


Sellers marketing their services using BR section has been tolerated by many of us till date. But now, I notice funny requests, the latest being a joke in hindi. Fiverr needs to do something before BR becomes an ER (entertaining requests) section. Earlier, I requested a “Report” button against each BR post.

One more! :