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Fiverr says I have 2 unread messages, yet wont show up


It was 1 for a while, but now it seems to be stuck at 2 messages. I’m not sure what’s going on, it’s not really a big deal and something I probably wont bug support about, as I’m sure it’ll clear itself up soon enough, but just wondering if it’s something that will be fixed when they do maintenance or whatever?


I noticed this bug too. I think it happens when you read messages from your phone app. For example, a customer left me 3 messages yesterday and only the 4th one sent today appeared as a notification in my inbox. This could have damaged my relationship with my client.


I don’t use the phone app though. And on my end, I get the notifications, but there’s no messages in my inbox.


I have a rush order for a client, a simple redo, and I’ve sent two messages to a designer, no answer. I don’t believe this system works if you inquire first. It will only move when there is a transaction. Nice. Makes me wonder if I can trust this system at all.


It’s really frustrating somehow. My reputation could have been heavily affected.


Haven’t encountered anything like what you guys are encountering, but I do wonder if it is a user trying to contact me. I did report a user so I could block that user (Fiverr need a block tool) so maybe it’s that guy trying to get in contact with me.

Either that, it could just be an error on the site that will be fixed whenever they update their servers or something.


Same here, not too worried about it. But I do wonder if it is a user trying to contact me.


it is not a bug.

now, fiverr show “unread message” for both “inbox” and "Order"

Mean: if Your buyer give an update in your order, it is a unread message

You need click “Order” tab as below to view “unread messages” for Order


Within the “to-do” section I have found some things hang out for awhile. I had a client cancel an order and for about two weeks a box asking about my experience with that buyer. I could not input any information.

I believe this occurred because I access fiverr both through the mobile app and on the pc.


Reply to @bremaine:

bremaine said: I did report a user so I could block that user (Fiverr need a block tool) so maybe it's that guy trying to get in contact with me.

That's probably the case. I had the same problem after blocking some people. Had to contact customer support to make the unread message notifications go away.


@nptmedia I know about that, it’s just that It’s still saying I have one unread message. I checked the orders section as you pointed out, nothing there.


Sometimes things just get stuck. I’ve had 2 “orders needing review” for about 2 years - but there never is anything to be reviewed. For most of one year I had 2 sales in cue even when there were no sales.


It’s another stupid move by Fiverr, maybe because some genius thought it would be a great idea and they want to support their employees instead of going with business success by analytics. The messages are from your buyers in your orders, and now for some dumb reason we have to refer to our current order messages to get that nonsense out of the way… Fiverr has complicated things and screwed a lot up which is now causing them more problems because they think they need to change everything everyday just because a child with a degree thinks of something so they say, 'sure, let’s do it!'

Good news is Fiverr pushes you to go out and do it on your own so you can save the 20% and make things happen by yourself, you don’t need them…


Has there been a solution? I have 1 message unread for 500years now. It annoys me but after reading this, I’m concerned about it.


LOL. Silly. I found the solution. Just click the message button on the notification. 24 PM