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Fiverr says i'm late, i say i'm not late

Hi, as always i don’t know where to ask my question, so it will be a quick question, why fiverr keep telling me that i’m late? i already delivered a song and it says i’m late by 3hrs!, what’s going on? is it normal? thank you in advance!

Hi there @pablometalcl, sorry but maybe I’m from a different planet but I don’t really understand your question? Could you be more specific please?

However, regarding your question, if Fiverr thinks your late with something then I’m afraid it is so. :thinking: ! There is nothing we can do here. You better contact CS about your ISSUE, whatever that may be, Goodluck! Kindly Humberto

Not sure if this is the cause, I had that same issue early in my Fiverr career when I delivered an audio file, but sent it as part of a conversation window versus first clicking the “deliver now” button. That’s an easy mistake to make, and I’m much more careful about it now.

nope i just delivered as always…

In that case, I would submit a ticket to customer service. Best of luck to you.

this pic is from the chat windows with the buyer:

pic 2:

I wish I could help mate, but I’m just a user like you sharing my experience and trying to be a good citizen. Hope you get it all sorted out.

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I have started to take screenshots of every delivery to prove to Fiverr that I did make the delivery if problems arise.

Edit: I think I learned that trick from @ssj1236. :wink:


It seems to be a bug since a while now, I see that often too, in messages with customers whom I delivered a gig to perfectly well before the deadline. It hasn’t done anything to my ratings though, so I suppose it’s just some display bug, it’s annoying but seems nothing to really worry about. You could file a bug report to CS, maybe they can work it out.


Well if you viewing that in “view order” section after delivery, then don’t worry it always shown their but won’t mean you’re late, but if you’re viewing this in dashboard then you had delivered the order lately.

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