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Fiverr says the delivery is late, but it is not!

Hi all,

Have any of you encountered this issue before? I had asked for a delivery extension because the client was travelling and not able to answer, and he accepted to extend, but the banner above the page says my delivery is late, and I am afraid it could affect my gig score in Fiverr Pro (screenshot attached).

Has anyone encountered this bug before? And how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Innsbruck, Austria


Check on both the order page and on the dashboard and see if it says the same. Sometimes it takes a while to update for me


Hi Alex, and thanks for the reply, the status is the same on both pages, and it has been around 4 days that it reads like that.

Hmm that’s strange, if it has been 4 days, then I would message customer support just to clarify what is correct and to make sure it won’t affect your stats.