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Fiverr says the gig is late

but the buyer hasn’t responded with the information required.

I’m supposed to call her voice mail, but she provided the wrong PIN number.

How do I get Fiverr to correct this?
How do I get rid of the gig?

I’ve sent 2 messages to the customer but there has been no answer.

I don’t want a late gig on my record.

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You need to deliver the gig asking “Provide me more information required to complete the gig”

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Yes, I sent that message twice. :+1:

I delivered the sample however the actual gig is me calling and recording their voicemail greeting.

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You can try more. May be it"s done.

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You need to deliver the gig with asking information. Not the sample only. Just deliver the gig


Thanks everyone. I’m going to contact Fiverr directly and see what they can do.

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