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Fiverr says to change your gig category


Hello dear Fiverr friends!
I have this situation where fiverr asked to change category of my gig. It’s a video making gig.

I assume it asked me to change the category of the video gig because in the delivery I sent a dowloadable link from Google drive + attached a screen shot. (the video was 260mb and you are allowed maximum 150mb in the delivery)

What are your opinions about it? What should I do in this case? Should I contact fiverr support and explain the situation?


What kind of video gig is it, and which category was it in please? Which category has Fiverr suggested?


It was in video & animation - it was in others but now it is in promotional videos… Don’t know what to do


That would seem the right category for it - more buyers will be looking in the promotional video category than the others section I’d think! :slightly_smiling_face:


I guess fiverr will accept my change to. The gig