Fiverr Scam Alert


There is a guy named ********** who is scamming on Fiverr********

He offers a lifetime Grammarly account and when Grammarly shuts down the accounts within two weeks, ******** shuts down the gig right away, so you can’t leave a negative review. This is a glitch on Fiverr that allows people to scam. He opened the same exact gig again to scam others until Grammarly shuts down the accounts, and he will rinse and repeat.

This is a glitch that allows scammers to scam, and needs to be fix by Fiverr. I reported him, but there is no way to keep him from creating another account. If you buy a gig, you should be able to leave your review, even if the seller deleted the gig. Fiverr has to know about this glitch and are allowing people to continue their scams.


A few things:

It’s not allowed to name and shame other users in the forum.

Sellers are not allowed to offer anything that takes more than a month to perform. It’s good that you reported him.

If you want a lifetime Grammarly account, why not buying it directly at Grammarly? Wasn’t it obvious from the start that a lifetime premium Grammarly account for $5 could only be a scam?


You tried to scam Grammarly and got scammed.
Anyone who does the same as deserves the same result, imo.


Lol.Its imperative that you wanted to cheat Grammarly too.

Nemesis caught up with you.