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Fiverr Scam (Cancelled Orders)

Good day all,

I have some questions as a seller in Fiverr. I have had a bad experience with a particular buyer in Fiverr. After we made the deal and I have delivered his order, I gave the buyer 5 stars, the buyer gave me 5 stars.

Eventually I found that buyers cancel the order without notice and the fund is refunded to their balance. It happens under my gig “helping to buy you anything” from certain region. I explained to the Fiverr’s CS let’s just open a communication with buyer to settle this issue together but Fiverr claimed they cannot disclose anything from the buyer side because of privacy matter.

I have discussed with Fiverr team, and their CS mentioned that my service goes against the community guidelines. But honestly, that gig has been made as I saw many people offers the similar type of service and I consider as an easy task for me at that moment.

I explained to Fiverr that it can be a potential fraud scheme, let’s just think in reverse… I become the buyer, and you become the seller. After the transaction is done, I cancel it to get the money back also with the service or product that seller has provided for me. I was asking Fiverr what they are gonna do with me as a buyer? But apparently no answer from Fiverr team.

If anyone has had such experience, please kindly share what to do? Because i am wondering now if I have been dealing with a scammer

Thank you


Gotta be honest, if your service breaks TOS, not a soul cares. Just because someone else did it doesn’t mean it’s ethical or lawful.

I have had a few orders get cancelled long after the order was complete, usually due to a charge back on their bank account or they disputed the bank charge. I almost every case, fiverr has reimbursed me after doing an investigation into it.

I’m a little confused by your post, but it sounds like your order was cancelled because it violated the terms of service, which is another story and I can understand why fiverr might have done it then.

Okay basically I provided a service that helps people to buy something in my country. I don’t know if that kind of service is violating the term of service since it doesn’t state explicitly. I have no problem with the previous transaction honestly, all went well until one buyer appeared and cancelling our “completed transaction”

I don’t know why it can happen like this, he bought from me several times within the close period of time. Is it a potential way to do a scam? I have no problem with the other buyers, all the charge back came from this one buyer with “Japanese” flag and I cannot contact him at all after the cancellation