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(FIVERR SCAM!) Fiverr is not letting me withdraw my funds($1412). No reply from support!

Reply to @misscrystal:

Paypal is not available in my country and at that time, fiverr didn’t have payoneer as an option so I had to use paypal to withdraw my money.

So I used xcchanger(I withdraw money into his paypal, he sent me local money/Western Union).

And I did this after confirming from fiverr support.

Reply to @kjblynx:

okay… I really don’t know what to do now… They’re not replying at all.

Looks like I’ve to go to a lawyer now?

Reply to @kjblynx:

Funds are there in my account. I was able to login before I submitted the very first ticket for funds withdrawal and I saw all of $1412 there.

And now I’m not using any exchanger… It was only the first withdrawal when I used an exchanger(maybe 1-2 more times) but now it’s my relative’s paypal.

I ever experienced this. the process is :

  • one day you get notification email with subject “please login to your fiverr account in 24 hours”
  • content : login to your fiverr account and you can withdraw as usual. Let us know if you have done this
  • after you login to and then fiverr close again your account.
  • as simple as that

Reply to @tleshian2:

Mate it’s not as simple as that :confused:

It’s been many months and no email.

U can read above posts what fiverr support has to say about this matter.

The forums are not the appropriate place to contact customer support. What is the ticket number(s) for this ?

Reply to @tashan2: There must have been a valid reason. My account. @Kjblynx or @mark74 account is not restricted.

Fiverr wouldn’t be playing a game like this for no reason.

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