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Fiverr SCAM me, Why i take it in public checkout this topic!


Fiverr SCAM Me!!

My user id: itxb0ss

When i was a noob i hear about Fiverr, so i created an account at Fiverr. Please keep in mind when i was a noob i knew nothing about fiverr.

I work hard, even if i was ill i never stop delivering orders, i never stop supporting my buyers, i got 68+ five Stars rating which i only 1 rating that was 4 star i don’t know why that user put me 4 stars.

I deliver orders even at my final examinations and also at when i was tour trip.

So, after alot of my hard work i earned something like $550 + amount, the suddenly my account goes down from level 2 to 1 and directly then 0 and after that i received 3 emails that was says your account has been removed.

I contact support they says its because you have created more than 1 account, >_< , i told them that account was created mistakenly, when i was a noob i knew nothing about fiverr and when i came to know everything and i just found myself to be a good seller then i join fiverr and i did sales from last 6months, and i was totally like to working on fiverr and also i don’t even remember that account. They says sorry but we can’t activate your account. this is a holy f**king shit.

I say sorry but they stop replying me, then ask for my money i earn by working so hard, so, i create new ticket they don’t reply me i write ticket again no reply…

It totally means they SCAM me. I write again one ticket with anger lets see what i get, i will update with whatever i will get.

My last ticket id is #1846449
My user id: itxb0ss

Thank you for your time and support.


No, Fiverr hasn’t scammed you.

If you keep sending angry tickets to CS, what do you expect?

The rule seems to be to wait (I think 90 days) and then you’ll be able to withdraw your earnings.

Take a deep breath and calm down before you approach CS again after the 90 days are up.


I send them very polite tickets but if they do not replying me what i will do ? And that they says it depend upon the reason ?

And at FAQ, i saw they allow multiple accounts but they do not allow multiple accounts to a single payment process. While my account i never attach any payment process so how they can disable my account ?

Incase multiple accounts using same payment process they will just disable withdraw system and then they will investigate and will do so…f…Shit…

And that’s all what i know fiverr SCAM me.


Please stop swearing.

Multiple accounts are not alright - one person = one account.

If you didn’t have a payment method setup, how were you planning to withdraw your earnings?

Bottom line - you haven’t been scammed.


Because at Paypal do not allow our country to create an account, and i plan i will withdraw to my friend who is living in UAE,

And i never saw where they write multiple accounts are not allowed, i saw they says multiple accounts having same gigs and using form same locations is not allowed, but i never use the other accounts that was created by mistake, when i know nothing about FIVERR SHIT…

And Fiverr have to pay my money. Otherwise i’m going to create a very cute blog post against fiverr and file a report at FBI and FIA.


What does FIA stand for?


Federal Investigation Agency = FIA


I’m sure they’ll be quaking in their boots.

See - you’re swearing again!

Here’s the link -

Fiverr will not withhold your earnings.

Here’s a link about multiple accounts: Multiple accounts on fiverr? [resolved]

I’m afraid ignorance is never a defence.



So, lets get this straight.

  • You did not read the rules when you started and accidentally broke the rules.
  • Fiverr disabled your account because you broke the rules.
  • Now you are very annoyed.
  • Instead of reading the rules and following the procedures for disabled accounts you think it is better to threaten to write a “very cute blog post” and file a report at the FBI and FIA.

Seriously - WAKE UP…

You have not been scammed, you have broken the rules because you did not check out the site’s rules.
That is your fault.
Follow the instructions that @offlinehelpers gave you, grow up and take responsibility for your own actions.




Give it rest and read what @eoinfinnegan has said please.


Bro listen, i follow the procedures, the support do not replying, i said sorry for the what mistake i did they do not listen me.

I contact them again, and they do not reply me… So, what isn’t it smell like a scam ?

I never want to take it in public but they fiverr support makes me so angry to post against what happened to me, should never happen to anyone.

I know fiverr support is run by robots, they read, they can understand.

And don’t reply me for my issue, if they don’t reply tickets then they should even tell me to weather they will pay me or not ?


First of all Mr country fellow , How are you supposed to work on a site without reading its TOS. Secondly, you admit that you didnt read the TOS and created a second account which resulted your account being banned. So it means you know that it was your fault. Thirdly even after all this mess caused by you, you didnt bother to read them even then, which is again your fault. If you have read them even after you account being banned, they clearly mention, fiverr will not take your money and your money will be returned to you in xxx days. Stop blaming fiverr. And for your last query about paypal, again due to limited knowledge about fiverr, its your fault. Thousands of people in your ( also mine) country use Payoneer to transfer credit from fiverr to their own bank or account. So my suggestion is please go, search about fiverr, its rules and then wait with patience and be polite with CS. Why are you angry at them? Its not their fault.
This proverb apply perfectly here “The pot calling the kettle black”


They did respond, you just didn’t like what they said. It is your responsibility to learn the rules. It is not Fiverr’s fault that you broke the rules. It is yours so stop trying to blame them.
The quote below is from the link that @offlinehelpers gave you above.

Sellers will be able to withdraw their revenues from blocked accounts after a safety period of 45 to 90 days, depending on the reason given to you by Customer Support, from the day of the last cleared payment received in their account and subject to Fiverr’s approval.

The rules are clear. The response from CS was clear. The solution is clear.
Now you just need to follow the rules and accept the consequences of your actions.


Any way that was not a CS reply, and second they just send me one reply and that’s all game over.


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Fiverr they don’t replying i’m angry with this, not to block my account , they block it because i wasn’t knew that, its my fault.

And then atleast they needs to reply me, why? i’m f**king waiting for there response they don’t even take a look at my tickets…


They wont return your money once its not all cleared. and stop abusing on a public forum. I think you dont deserve to be guided.


There is nothing left for them to say. They told you why and they told you that they will not reactivate your account. Just because you said sorry it does not change anything.
Now you have to wait. Its simple, even if you don’t like it.


I never abuse you, am angry with fiverr, and that is i what was asking, “They wont return your money once its not all cleared” And also they cancel my recent delivery >_<