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Fiverr SCAM?



Here my story and I don’t know where else can I contact to solve it.

In October 2014 my account was blocked, I even can’t log in to it.

Support said me that I must wait 90 days until I can withdraw my money.

90 days passed and I made ticket on support again.

They gave me 2 ways to verify my account: Paypal or Payoneer.

I gave them all info about ID transactions, my Paypal e-mail and scan of my government issued ID because my account not attached to Payoneer, I withdraw money only on my Paypal.

Support still ignore me and I still can’t log in and withdraw my money (there are around $4000!!!).

I made 2 more tickets but still nothing, just ignore!

What I can to do with it?

Please help!

Maybe someone else got situation like this?

Help, I’m desperate…


I’ve been trying to close my account and get my money that they put into an account instead of giving me a refund for work that wasn’t delivered. I’ve submitted three request and they act as if I did nothing. I haven’t received a reply or acknowledgement that I even exist.


Maybe someone know another way to contact support or maybe they have phone number?

Any suggestion what I can do in this situation??

Thank you in advance!


Right something a bit like this happened to me when i was on level one … In the end i went through my old withdrawal request emails in my hotmail account and clicked on the link which re directed me back to and i then clicked on that link and my money was then sent to my paypal account !! … Also a handy tip if you need to search for a fiverr withdrawal request in your email inbox just use your email’s search engine … than going through 100’s of old emails …Good luck !


Hi Fiverr seems really cool but after reading your comments and reviews above I am worried about ordering services through them.

Anyone with positive experience to share??



Reply to @naturalmystic1:

Thanks for the help, but the problem is that I can not even log into my account…

I enter valid username and password and nothing happens, I did not even get an error …


Reply to @munaaub: thousands and thousands sellers are having wonderful experiences here at Fiverr !!

It could be hard to make the first sale, the establish a business… but it’s a wonderful experience, believe me!!!


Your account being blocked most likely means a staff member banned you for breaking a serious rule. If you brought in any amount of extra funds by breaking one of the rules, it would take a lot longer for them to sort it out and update you on what’s going on. You may not have been aware, but one of your gigs could have been bad. The fact you left 4000 dollars on here is even worse. I withdrew the second I hit 100 so nothing could go wrong.


Reply to @seller_: We’d like to help here. Can you share what your original username was? The one you’re using now was just created and doesn’t give us the information we need to check on the issue you have. If there was a violation of the TOS, we’ll be sure to let you know what the violation was. You can send the username to me or leave it in the forum.


Reply to @kashmiah:


Thanks for reply!

I already contacted you on Fiverr.

Yes “seller_” it’s my new account, because I can’t log in to my old account and can’t go to this forum…

You’re right, I had a few accounts on fiverr.

For this reason, support blocked all of them for 90 days, I realize that I broke the rules and regret it.

But I think that’s no reason to take away my earned $4000!

Let me just withdraw my earned money and after you can delete that account.

Hope for your help.


Reply to @hammi2010:

Account was blocked for 90 days and this 90 days already passed long time ago.

Support said after 90 days I’ll be able to withdraw my earned money, but I still can’t do it.

I’m not selling anything forbidden, currently hundreds of sellers selling promotion services on instagram and their accounts are not blocked.


Reply to @seller_: I got your message and we’re looking into it. Stay tuned.


Reply to @kashmiah:


You are a magician !!!

I waited for answer of support a few weeks, and you have helped me in this issue for a couple hours !!!

I got my money!

I do not even know how to thank you !

You are awesome!

Thank you very much!


I am also really happy to see that your problem jusr resolved... Personally i believe that, fiverr is really good marketplace and nobody can say Fiverr as scam...
Thanks @kashmiah for your effective help


Reply to @kashmiah: Hi! I have the same problem on another account of mine. I have submitted a number of requests on Fiverr Customer Support but there has been no reply. I would be very thankful if you could please help me too.



it likes you are in jail. The jail keeper give you ten minutes to take out your money from your locker. The good thing is fiverr team give you access to login in 24 hours. And withdraw as usual to previous account. After that you was asked to confirm to cs, and cs close again your account. It happened to me a years ago


Reply to @coffin: I read your current gig and I have to say, that’s one way to keep from getting too many bad reviews. When you’re right, you’re clients won’t be alive to voice their pleasure or displeasure. As long as you never predict anyone to die before 30 days, you can be wrong too. :smiley: