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Fiverr SCAM?

I was “Level 2 Seller” on fiverr and I bring lot of business and lot of money on fiverr.
But more than 3 month ago my account was “reviewed by Trust & Safety team and was disabled due to violation of ToS”(support even don’t said me which rules was violated…).
I sold lots of services on fiverr and many times withdraw my money to my own Payoneer card, which was added to my fiverr account and was verified!
Support said me that I’ll be able to withdraw money which left on my account after safety period of 45 days…I am still can’t do it…
When I try to get access and verify my account again - I got full ignoring from support and now support say me that info which I provide to verify my account not match with info that they have, BUT how it’s possible if I already withdraw money on my Payoneer account MILLION times from my account and I get my Payoneer ID directly from my Payoneer account…I even can provide any transaction ID to verify my account, but support won’t to hear me!!!
I just asked support to give me access to MY account and let me withdraw MY money to my Payoneer card, to which I already withdraw money many times before!
And I got just ignor many times…
Maybe someone can give me any advice about what can I do in this situation??

I find it unlikely that you didn’t know which rules you were violating. In any case, you need to contact Customer Support politely about this. Nobody here can help you. As far as I can tell the only issue is something about mismatching IDs. Pretty simple, just give them whatever IDs they asked for.

EDIT: wot @fonthaunt said

Transaction ID’s are not what they need. It also doesn’t matter if you have used the payment account before since that doesn’t mean anything by itself. There is no scam involved here. If they banned your account for any ToS violation and gave you the 45 day waiting period, they would have needed very specific documentation from you to return your funds.

In most of these cases, they need specific identification and it may take more than one document. It often includes a photo of you holding a matching ID. On top of that, the identification needs to match the identity, the IP and other personal details you listed on your original Fiverr account. Many sellers trip up by putting an incorrect name (which isn’t publicly displayed) not realizing it matter or using a proxy IP. The Fiverr real identity, the payment identity, and the documentation you send all needs to match well.

In addition, if you create more than one open ticket at a time that can be very confusing and can cause your tickets to get closed and ignored. Once you’ve created problems with multiple tickets or sending non-matching information, the waiting period can even start over from day 1.

Fiverr wants to give your funds to you if you can prove in every way that they are yours and you obtained them through honest means. Your best chance now is to wait at least 2 weeks before you even contact them again. If they did tell you the waiting period had to start again, you’ll need to wait the time they told you. After you give it a good wait, contact the Support team again. Write one single ticket, be very calm and polite, and ask exactly what documentation they need from you to obtain your funds.

If you did make mistakes on your original account and gave an incorrect name or used a proxy, tell them that honestly and tell them what you put on the account then so they know you are the same person. If the funds haven’t been returned to the buyers, they will give you information on what they need to help you. If you are rude, unprofessional, angry, and if you don’t write clearly, they won’t have an easy time helping you. If you aren’t honest, they won’t be able to help you. If you open a second ticket while you have others still open, you will probably get your tickets closed.