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Fiverr Scamer Buyer ask for refund

Hello, where do I report the scam? from the buyer

I was ordered by a player who wanted to build spawn on his server.
Of course, we finished the world, unfortunately he had a few mistakes, so we decided to give him a refund under the conditions that he would order us again so that I could prove to him that I would not steal it. so i gave me a refund ignored me for 1 hour your blocked me + had my world that I built for him. so I was robbed and I don’t know what to do now, of course I informed him that I would give it to the barrel and I would solve it through my lawyers.

I also have a screen as proof of the refund he wrote this


@ether_sk Please give me link to your fiverr offer [I Will Build Your Spawn Or Hub In Minecraft]

I think you need to calm down and take your issue up with Fiverr CS.

Just don’t call the Buyer a “scammer” or mention going to a lawyer.

HINT: When someone threatens me with legal action, I take it seriously so you better be prepared to back that threat up or drop it and try to resolve the issue calmly.