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Fiverr scammed me?

I made an order on my fiverr account. But I did not confirm it yet. And it said that a recipt was sent to my email. But I had to make a new fiverr account because I could not remember the password for it. So I made a new one and deactivated that one. But when I check my card info, it says that i was already charged by fiverr even tho I did not confirm it, or get what I wanted. Is there a way to return the money to my new fiverr account, or back to my card?


You’ll have to contact Customer Support for help. That sounds like a very complicated situation.

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I did and Im still waiting on a reply, but im getting a kind of nervous because I am a kinda impatient, and I dont want to think that im not getting my money back. But I can wait

Do you have an idea of how long they take to reply?

Every time I’ve contacted them, I’ve heard back within 48 hours. I guess it depends on how busy they are, though.

Alright then. Thanks

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No problem! Good luck.