Fiverr scheduled maintenance - the big deal for me!


Hello Everyone. I’m glad about one thing and I want to share my thoughts on this - FIVERR IS QUICK TO LEARN

So Fiverr had a scheduled maintenance very recently and they did not inform everyone except those who use the forums regularly - like you and me.

However several of us raised the issue about informing users - buyers and sellers - properly since not everyone visits the forum. And boy did they do that.

I can say that I’m glad about the way they are quick to listen to us and make swift changes to that effect. Kudos to the Fiverr Team. You guys are truly keeping to the DOERS WE TRUST…

I guess this has inspired me a lot to say more about how I think Fiverr can be improved to better serve buyers and sellers alike.

[The End]


I just hope they change the new bad algorithm


how do you mean bad algorithm?


The general consensus is that whatever the new algorithm is it’s bad.


I totally agree, amirulslee. I don’t think the new search algorithm they are testing is working properly. But - I have heard from one person in the Voiceover category who said her ranking went back to what it was before the change, and she is very heartened that the Developers are sorting things out.


Yeah CS is much supportive to it’s valuable sellers and buyers :blush:


That’s good to know. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.


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