I used to be a 2nd level seller then was lowered to 1st level, then beginner!!! WHY YOU ASK? LATE ORDERS! Here is the reason why. Although some of you say this isn’t the case, IT IS! I have emails from fiverr “support” saying so.

Here’s one way I got screwed…just this last week. BUYER orders a gig and pays extra for ONE DAY DELIVERY! No problem. I go to start the project that evening and plan on finishing it. GUESS WHAT?! BUYER DID NOT supply me with photos and audio track that were needed so I can’t begin the job! i EMAIL BUYER right away! NO RESPONSE FOR 4 DAYS! They apologize and send the files 2 days later. GUESS WHAT?! I’M LATE! I’m now 6 days LATE because of this. I also email fiverr “support” to let them know the situation. 2 days later they respond and say, yes, you are marked as LATE. NEXT TIME ASK THE BUYER FOR AN EXTENSION. I DID!!! It took them 4 days to get back to me. The damn clock should STOP if a job can’t be completed that is beyond your control. I lost my status and keep getting dinged left and right. I but my A%% to get jobs out the door and the buyer and fiverr’s spaghetti programming code kills us in the end. Completely not fair.


If buyer did not supply the details and time was running out you should have sent order extension of as many days you wanted :slight_smile: and morever when you think you can’t finish before time just exted delivery time if you think more 3 days send 5 days time so to save from being marked late


Is there a reason you felt the need to post this same rant in multiple places?


Cant you just deliver the gig to avoid it being late? And explain to the buyer why? Maybe thats risky but feels preferable to this


That’s ‘empty delivery’, and a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. He could get banned if he did that.


Sellers can ask for an extension. It will stop the clock and order will get cancelled eventually if there’s no response


The system indeed isn’t set up to deal with that kind of thing in a sensible way, it’s one of the reasons I deactivated the 24-hour delivery for my gigs and only do rush jobs per custom offer, after having talked to the customer and having everything I need to start, much less stress like that, though probably lost revenue for me and Fiverr.

The other main reason being the inexplicable logic of allowing buyers to buy God knows how many gig multiples without the delivery time changing to reflect that.

Hello Fiverr, would be great if you could change that, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only seller who is very cautious with their gig set-up because of such issues, ever wondered why so many buyers end up with sellers who deliver late? There may be a correlation right there.


The order was due in ONE DAY as I said. It took her 4 days to respond and agree to the extension. I was late before she responded.

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I posted it in ONE PLACE…HERE

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Did you read the post? I can’t deliver a gig without files. Deliver what?

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It does not stop the clock. That’s how I got screwed

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@uxreview was correct. If you request a time extension BEFORE it goes late, it stops the clock. I have done this many times when customer’s do not submit any info and never been marked late. If you did request a time extension before it was late, and it was still marked late… then you have something.

EDIT: Since you have apparently forgotten about your other post, here is a link to the other post in which you copied your complaints. IMPRESSIONS decreasing day by day


this is BS! I said i DID ask for the extension but that does NO GOOD if the buyer approves the extension AFTER the deadline…which is what happened.


I know that this might not be what you want to hear but you might want to think about cutting down how much work you take on.

Last summer, I had tons of late orders. I’d be dead (as in no Fiverr to-do’s) take on a few bulk projects, then get deluged with orders suddenly and end up having to prioritize which I delivered first by order price etc. - Then I moved house and was compounded by other issues.

Thinking back, the way I was working was simply not sustainable (and very obviously so). This being the case, I’ve since paused a lot of gigs, stopped taking on any and all bulk orders, and use slow periods to simply take a breather. The result of this is me having had to use the extension button just once or twice this year.

If you are having to extend delivery times a lot, seriously think about reducing your work flow. It may seem counterproductive from a $$$ perspective but it’s really not.


Unfortunately this happens to sellers all the time. I accidentally did this to a seller the other day (of course, it was a 3-day turnaround and I got back to them within 12 hours so the order was never even close to being late).

As soon as that seller realized I hadn’t attached the file they needed, they actually “Delivered” the order and then went to the resolution center to send an extension. This effectively stopped the clock while notifying me of their request. When I accepted, the extension request re-opened the order with added time.

It’s clever, but “empty” deliveries aren’t allowed and I think this would count.

I didn’t say anything to them about it because I’m a seller too and I get that it sucks when buyers ruin our statistics without even realizing it, but had I not done anything, the extension request would have been automatically withdrawn and later the delivery would have been automatically completed (assuming the seller didn’t offer to cancel after that).

This tactic could lead to very disgruntled buyers. Effectively, had I ignored/rejected the extension request, the order would have gone back into the “Delivered” stage (rather than being a late open order). This means no penalty for the seller.


yeah that makes sense. the only issue here is, most buyers don’t respond and agree to the time extension until AFTER it’s late. then it’s too late. i’ve had buyers do this to me as well. i can’t start because there are files missing.