Fiverr Search Algorithm


I am a Level 2 seller on fiverr My sale was really good i even got my gig ranked on 2nd page of fiverr but after that Fiverr search algorithm is going to start update or you can say it start broken now i cant see my gig anywhere even on 12 page.
Now what i can see is the new arrival gigs raking on first page.
I even saw that a user with 0 reviews and his gig is featured.
I mean whats going on fiverr ?
Please do suggest what you people think about it?
Need your honest replies about this :slight_smile:



How likely and longly these tests will be held ?


No idea, but if you read that loooong thread, it might give you some more idea.


oka thank you very much :smiley:


Oh my… this topic’s title… it’s clear: the previously closed thread will start all over again in here! :smiley: Imagine all the people of the Forum seeing that title… it’s like calling for them! :smiley:


Was there an announcement the testing is over?


Didn’t got any right now


I haven’t read or heard anything regarding an end to the algorithm testing issue.


What algorithm are using for gigs ranking?
Featured gigs


Fiverr is not going announce the details of their search algorithm.


Same story here bro :confused: Can’t tell what is happening :confused:


I don’t think they will switch back, just a feeling things are going to remain the same.