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Hi Everyone,

I noticed that my sales dropped more than the regular sales trend around the end of August. I did some research and noticed that my gig would not show up the way it used to when applying very specific features. In fact, it would not appear at all. I reached out to Fiverr support and they acknowledged the issue. I wanted to share this with you just in case you happened to notice the issue with your account.


Not surprising. A lot of super selling gigs are missing from front pages, and have been for a long time now.

damn. is there any response from the fiverr team?

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Yes, they acknowledged the issue and are working on a fix. The ticket is still open and they have been working on it for about a month and a half. They will update me once it’s fixed.

That’s cool. At least they’ve acknowledged it

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so sad! I face same problem

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You are not alone :joy: Same here

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I wonder what is taking so long and how long it will take. Best of luck to you!

we have told about this so many times like 1 year no action take very sad