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Fiverr search comes up empty


Something is terribly wrong with Fiverrs search. What is the deal? Ive been on here going on 5 months now, and everytime I come into the forums I hear people complaining about stuff they encounter on fiverr, yet I dont see them fixed? What is the deal? I used to be able to get 2-5 orders a day, now, Its been weeks since Ive had an order!!! What did you do to me fiverr? Yet you send me an email telling me how to get sales everyday! I was! Not any more! Ever since the new fiverr came around, things have changed alot! I like the new fiverr, but seriously some thing is wrong with it. Its messed up or something. I dont get it. I am suffering! Fiverr please reach out to me and help me out. I want to keep busy!


oh about the Search, I type in my keywords to search for my gig and nothing comes up!