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Hi there

has anyone of you research on how fiverr decide to show and rank gigs on search page? I have seen some new gigs with 0 orders as well as some high sellings gigs.

what things/factors fiverr look for when decide to show/recommend a gig on its search page?


We don’t know, and if we did we wouldn’t tell you. :grinning:


How you can think that if a seller find out this by hard working then he will tell you …Even I would not tell you if I could found that .We are competitors not partners.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Before posting a thread kindly search that on forum … There are many threads related with your topic in forum.Read those…

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None of us can answer this question for you, because we do not know. Fiverr does not release the details of how their search algorithm works, because they do not want people – such as yourself – to manipulate the search results in their favor. Be a great seller, who delivers top-quality work, that earns positive reviews. This is the only way to improve you chances of ranking well on this site.


Nobody knows, but we can look at our individual experiences.

I get orders when I’m on page 1 of the search results.

I notice building queues has become harder. If I don’t deliver my orders right away, I stop getting orders. It’s like Fiverr decides “he’s gotten three orders today, he’s busy and doesn’t need any more orders.”

I also notice that your level affects you. As a Level 1, I’m getting more orders than when I was Level 0, but still less orders than Level 2.


You are wrong … I have seen some buyer’s gigs are always on first page and in their gig all time 10-19 orders in Queue .


According to my experience, Level 0 and Level 1 users are allowed to have 6 and 12 orders in queue for one gig correspondingly. I faced it after demotion.


It’s possible they are in high demand regardless of where their gigs appear on the ranks.


How can I be wrong about my experience? Yes, some buyers have huge queues, but that could be other factors such as marketing outside of Fiverr, many repeat customers, etc.

Besides, I’m in a very competitive category that keeps growing. Today I’m happy that I’m on row 8th, and have 3 in my queue. That’s nice, but I used to be much busier.

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Sometimes gig appear on good ranking automatically because fiverr gives chance to the new sellers also .That is sometimes .Otherwise you have to do that manually .By promoting or doing marketing … And I do not think that much order in queue will decrease the ranking…However I do not have much knowledge about this .


I think it’s a bunch of factors, such as how often you deliver, what ratings are you getting, how many orders are being refunded, etc.

I’ve seen Fiverr changed a lot. Order completion rate didn’t exist, and Fiverr didn’t care. You could be a TRS with an 87% order completion rate, Fiverr didn’t care.

Now my order completion rate is 97%, which for me is amazing since I used to struggle just keeping it at 90%.

I also hate marketing my own stuff. I can sell anyone but myself, self-promotion is not my thing. If a happy client wants to talk about me, that usually works better. It’s the same reason some lawyers and doctors don’t advertise, they think advertising demeans their profession.


You are right at this point … And gig ranking depend on many things … even it also depends on the skill test results according to your gigs category …

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