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Fiverr Search Result is not Dynamic/Random- Its Showing Fixed Gigs Always

Hope you saw that bad new search result sytem.that search result is not really randomly. i have tried lot of time to get my high rate gigs on top of search result but i can’t get it.also my two friends tried it.its seems to fiverr showing fixed gigs…its really bad for all of sellers…Please report it…also share your comments about this system…

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The editors pick the placement of some gigs. No it’s not random. Also there is a new algorithm that is harder to manipulate so it is harder to optimize your gigs for the search.


To my knowledge it’s never been random, but it’s also not fixed. As @misscrystal said, editors pick placement of some gigs. Ads and featured gigs get some preference. In addition, we know that the algorithm gives new gigs some preference and that gigs tend to rise toward the time based on things like speed of delivery. There seem to be other factors that change regularly, like on-time deliveries vs late, gigs that get ordered frequently vs ones that are steady but slow and so on. Search has never been easy to manipulate and that is certainly intentional. It’s not Google. :slight_smile:

Add: You will also see different search results based on logged in view, logged out view, cookies and cache.


Thank you @misscrystal no they not pick the gigs… i saw some low rated gigs are top of search and new gigs…

They do pick gigs for placement and sometimes put low rated ones on top — why they do that is the question. You can be sure the gigs on the top row are chosen.

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@misscrystal said they pick some gigs, which they definitely do. As you’ll see in my reply, they also do give some preference to new gigs.

i like fiverr old search algorithm but not new system. new system is miss lot of great sellers on fiverr. i don’t know why they manage it manually.they already manage , recommend , ads , featured :confused:

There are just too many people on Fiverr now to get all the good sellers on the first page at once, or even occasionally. Fiverr really pushes people to self-promote now. You can only cram so much into a search.

Thank you for your comment but its not official message from fiverr tech team so its only your idea :slight_smile:

Why disparage the comments you get from people? fonthaunt was correct.


Written by the Fiverr Team on the official blog:

"Promote your Gigs externally

The most effective way to get more traffic, and more customers, is simply to publicize yourself and your Gigs in more places. Use social media, blogs, websites and forums to promote your Gigs outside of Fiverr."

There you go. Good bye and good luck!


Well if you are in the SEO business but can’t get your gig ranked high up on search results, that does not make you look that great, now does it?

Maybe instead of complaining about it in the forum and then trying to offend people who respond to your post, you should work on your SEO practices? :slight_smile:

Just an idea.


Hello why are you set one against the other ? im not mean disparage and its not your told correct because he is not in fiverr team.anyone can share their experience with forum. i respect to @fonthaunt for his all messages.he doing great job for help to people…

yes i know this things but i think this is not about Fiverr search Result :smiley: those are not help to reach on top of search result… im i right ?

If you are going to be argumentative with people who respond why do you even start a thread?

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Thank you comment. i don’t want to try your methode for get my gigs on top of search result by building backlinks. because its not work for Fiverr Search Result and they also Optimize/disavow our backlinks :slight_smile: so its not good idea bro :slight_smile:

If you’re not going to listen to advice when you’ve asked for it, what’s the point of asking?

You could at least have said ‘thank you’ to those who helped you.


This thread created by me for find some good answers so i don’t want to argumentative only with please add comments related to my topic.if you think some my comments are bads so i beg you :slight_smile: Thank you for all your comments :slight_smile:

No words to say… I’m quite! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you’re going to be using that image a lot. It’s lucky you found it :joy: