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Fiverr Search Result is not Dynamic/Random- Its Showing Fixed Gigs Always

Dear me… another day, another train wreck.


I think you could well be right! Thank you to Gina for providing it!

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  1. The Average rating section : It’s mostly fixed.
  2. The New Arrivals section : Newest gig appears first.
  3. The Recommended section : Few top gigs from the Average rating section stays at top and rest of the gigs are rotated with intervals. (It’s not a day or two of interval so it may look fixed, but is dynamic.)

Btw nothing is random.

Changing the subject isn’t helpful either. I’m done and there are many others on the forum who are open to learning instead of arguing. By the way, I’m not male and as a forum moderator I work directly with the Fiverr team. If you want to talk to staff, don’t bother with the forum, contact Customer Support and talk to the real Fiverr team and demand that they put you on page ONE. Hope it works! :end:


You offer logo design and SEO and have a total of 46 reviews.
There are over 30,000 logo design gigs and over 12,000 SEO gigs and you offer nothing unique - why on earth would you be anywhere near the top if search results were based on reviews alone?

You benefited from Fiverr’s boost for new sellers when you started, if your buyers were truly happy with the work (in SEO this is decided long after the gig is complete and reviewed) then you should have got some regular buyers in that time. Now that your “new seller boost” is over, you need to show Fiverr why they should boost you in the results.
Do you keep buyers coming back for more? Do you promote yourself outside of Fiverr (with real links of value, of course Fiverr would disavow spammy irrelevant links), what do you bring to Fiverr? Are you just a parasite feeding off Fiverr’s traffic or is Fiverr a better place because you are here?

Your sense of entitlement needs to be wound back a bit, Fiverr owes you nothing but if you are useful then you will be rewarded - Basically how Google works its algorithm too.


its depends on coustomer rating

in how much low time you will deliver the order and how much did coustomer gives you rating.

On this topic (and without starting a new thread), how often are search results updated? Last week, one of my gigs was ranking in the top 10 search results for my service and gigs were pouring in. This week, it’s dropped down to ~75th and the second page and orders have slowed considerably.

Just wondering. I’m not asking “how do I get more orders” or “why am I ranked so low.” Just wondering if anyone else has (I’m sure, entirely empirical) any input.

@aaronbushell Gigs are continually changing positions now. You were lucky if you got an entire week on top. They are shuffled around continually. Some manage to stay on top longer for some reasons, maybe if they are doing extra good in sales.

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its not fixed. i was on the top search results before and lost that position after 5 days then i contacted fiverr about this and they dont control the search results and its a new algorthem for the platform but they mentioned about deliver orders ASAP and dont keep a lot f orders in query without deliver them