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Fiverr Search Results - is PAGINATION good or bad?

Hello All,

As you know Fiverr has changed the way of displaying the Gig results. In the past there was no Pagination below the results. The GIG results displayed while we scroll down. But now buyers need to click the page number to see next Gig.

Is this good? As sellers is it good for us? (Iin my opinion it’s good for Top Rated sellers who are in the first Page) I have noticed that I haven’t get any order after Fiverr doing this.

Does anybody experienced this?
Thank you!

I believe it depends more on your clients and how you work to get new ones. In my field, some top rated sellers and featured sellers are behind my Gig, I’m actually in second position according to the services I offer. The amount of regular clients you can build helps you not to go down when your Gig is not displayed in the first page. Try promoting your Gigs outside Fiverr and build a good amount of regular clients and you’ll be good

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Hi there,

I am new here. I will provide my feedback regarding this after few days.

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I can say that after last fiverr updates, you must optimize your gig page with relevant content and main factor is tags on it. Because when new client enter on website what he will do first? Of course will write in search line keyword - for example “article writing”. If you will have good optimized content and this tag, you can be in this search results. Only after client will see search results he can filter this results by “Relevance” or “Avg. Reviews” and does not matter are you “Top rated” or “Level 1”

Hello, Thank you all for your reply. (@rankwinz @jagvinderkaur @wuerz123 @discourse1 @shiktamishra )
Here is my case :-

I have a wordpress website design gig. I have 1.7k Impression. And I’m a level 2 seller. got 7 reviews for the Gig. But no sales for month. I rank in 44th rank page (on pagination). Can I expect from buyers click the pagination buttons 44 times?

Please see my gig and tell me your opinion.

Thank you!