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Fiverr "secret shoppers"?

I’ve noticed a large number of clients recently reaching out on Fiverr all within the same week with direct intentions to setup a zoom meeting or call. I’ve had this happen in the past and I simply tell them I can’t but somethings really fishy about the recent ones. No typical discussion of price or details of the service. Just really keen on talking outside of Fiverr. After I say no to the contact they simply disappear. None of these buyers have any buyer history and they don’t seem like scammers either. I have a feeling these are internal Fiverr employees that are trying to catch sellers in the act of violating Fiverr tos. If this is the case it just bothers me to be wasting time on the leads that aren’t real leads.

I think Fiverr has more important things to do than waste valuable employee time on being “secret shoppers.”

Prospective clients that contact you to setup zoom meetings or a calls are nefarious and are after something else. There are many scams out there. One is asking you to set up a U***** account for them. Another is to open a banking account for them. Of course they offer to pay you for these services.

I would not feel like I was losing business, I would feel blessed to have gotten rid of another scammer. :smiling_imp: