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Fiverr seem love some seller but not you & me :(

I see some gig in my category which not selling great, or had much positive reviews as I had. Also some of them not really deliver unique work but they get featured and always shown at the most top of the gig page: ( Recommended & High Rating ).

I just feel that fiverr love some seller but not some of us who work our a** off everyday and always delivery greatest possibly work. Instead, they put my gig at the bottom where hard to be seen…

Do anyone of you thought this too? What’s your thought?

I have wondered too why some gigs get featured but it’s a mystery that is not for us to know why.

It’s a bit pointless worrying about things that are outside of your control. Just do the best you can and keep your fingers crossed.

I am just guessing that Fiverr is trying to be fair and places random gigs at the top every now and then. I’m a TRS myself, but sometimes my gigs don’t show at the top, and I’m not sure if it ever got featured. The thing is it’s just the way it is. We can argue that since we have been here longer we deserve more exposure and should always be placed at the top, but again
being placed at the top doesn’t mean you will get sales. If the buyers don’t like what they see at the top, they will scroll down. True, I’m sure being at the top does help to a certain point, but we can’t really complain. There are millions of gigs here, and each gig deserves some exposure. Also, as much as I understand your frustration, saying “some of them not really deliver unique work but they get featured” is not really fair. Another person might see the gig and think hey, this gig is really cool. Plus new gigs should be exposed too.
So to answer your question, does Fiverr seem to like/favor some gigs over others?
Maybe. Yes and no. Is there something we can or should do? Well I do see those gigs at the top being cycled every now and then so I think it’s OK the way it is.
Well, that’s just me though. :slight_smile:

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Having worked in advertising a long time I assure you that the position of your gig is what makes you money or not. Position is everything. Put the worst gig in the first spot that people see and they will buy it.

I think the search algorithm has changed after the implementation of the packages in some categories, I noticed in the logo design section several gigs came up in the rankings last week pushing my gigs down the list a bit.

My fingers & toes crossed all the time. :slight_smile:

For example I see one Level 2 seller been on the top 10 position in High Ranking for a very very long time, but she only made 2xx sales something, I’ve made over nearly 1k sales with 4.9 positive ratings, still not in the top 50s in High Ranking.

I see some seller even duplicate several same kind of gig in a category and I see Fiverr ‘feature’ their gig even low in sales. I really doubt why’s that?

Exactly, not in our control. I don’t even bother to look at my position. Whatever has to happen, will happen.

Yes this happens but no one knows why.

I have absolutely no insight into how Fiverr works but from my own experience if I am consistently delivering work in a timely manner my gigs seem to feature better than others. If I take time off, I disappear. This makes it hard if I do need to take time off, but I think that Fiverrs placing of gigs corresponds to how active they are and the increasing reputability of sellers. That’s only my 2 cents though.

A gig will be active if it’s in the best position.