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Fiverr seems to be going down hill

I have been reading on the forums that buyers are getting scammed and sellers getting bad customers and giving them poor reviews that they actually don’t deserve. I don’t know what to make of it a couple months back everything seemed fine on fiverr, great on both ends it seems fiverr now is going down hill and the website we once loved is turning into a disposal of rot. Tell me what you think?

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Look at it this way, for every negative experience posted on the forums 10000 or more successful gigs are completed. The thing with human nature is that we remain silent when things work out but when there is an issue we yell loudly!

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With every Tom, Dick and Harry coming to this site to try and make a buck now, Fiverr really do need to improve their CS.

Lol, apparently the shorthand term for Richard is fragglesrocked on here. Makes sense I guess!

I got a response from support in the same day, can’t complain on that. I am very new though and have yet to deal with orders or buying something. I really hope Fiverr is a good place and will remain like that.

This could be for various reasons. Some sellers don’t describe their Gigs honestly and try to mislead the buyers into ordering their Gigs. On the hand some buyers expect too much from the Gig and they post a negative review.

Actually more like the other way around. Most customers take what was given ( even tho its trash) and don’t want to hurt anybody feelings. However they get paid and a job completed for subpar work, bad work. 90% of the time these Fiver gigs are no worth it. If they cant even produce a $10 gig, I certainly not comfortable spending $50-$100. That is for ■■■■ sure. Support on Fiver is terrible, jumping through hoops just to send an email.

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But isn’t it nice to see it’s still going strong, 5 years later? I hope we’ll all be around for the next “Fiverr seems to be going downhill” post 5 years from now. :birthday:

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