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Fiverr seems to go for your best selling gig and delete it- anyone experienced this?

I have noticed for a while now that fiverr looks for your best selling gig and goes ahead to delete or remove the gig from search thereby 'crippling 'your account, you contact customer support and they ignore you for days and maybe send you computer generated message that you violated terms of service etc even when the gig has nothing to do with infringement of 3rd party intellectual property.

i have seen so many complaints like this on this forum, i read of a seller who had his gig deleted just because he used his picture as his gig image and yet fiverr said that he violated copyright policy - for his own face!!!

Everyday i come here on this forum all i read is about tales of frustrations from poor sellers whom fiverr doesn’t care about. If there were no sellers here will fiverr survive? after all 20% of your total income goes to them.

Fiverr is becoming more and more seller unfriendly with each passing day.

Not true in any way. Fiverr does not look for a seller’s best-selling gig just to delete it. Nor are they out to ruin the success of sellers here on their site. And, while Customer Support may be slower than some people would like, CS is NOT ignoring people who have valid questions or bug reports.

Please be patient. I understand that your gigs may be losing sales, and you may be reading comments from sellers who are frustrated about things they do not fully understand, but please… there’s no need to be posting highly sensationalized comments, and complaining about conspiracies that just aren’t happening.

In the grand scheme of things, business here on Fiverr is strong, vibrant, and thriving. There are plenty of sellers who continue to work hard on their gigs, and see steady incomes as a result.

Reply to @jonbaas: you say i’m posting sensationalized comments et al but the truth is that this is what is really happening out there… i see that you made a few comments on the adsensewizard issue which i consider quite unfair even though i don’t really know the seller, kicking such a seller from whom fiverr has made close to 20k dollars to the kerb deserves something better after slaving for 3 years on fiverr.

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Based on observations made over they years, often a third party is involved when a gig is taken down. Someone reports it for whatever reason and fiverr shuts it down while looking in to it. This happening frequently with sellers most popular gig is surely no coincidence, i believe its just that best selling gigs stand out more and will get noticed faster.

I don’t think it has anything to do with being a Best Seller and everything to do with the category of the gig. I see tons of complaints on the forum form those who has gigs related to adsense, facebook likes, traffic, etc, that seem to be violating 3rd party TOS. Consequently when they complain to Fiverr the gig gets deleted.

Your generalization is just too broad to be credible. A little more digging shows that most of these gigs violated 3rd party TOS and are dealt with when a complaint surfaces.

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I agree completely. Fiverr does not just delete gigs because they can. There is always a valid reason, and more often than not, that reason is under investigation.

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I am not wrong in my response, friend. It does not matter how many gigs a seller has sold, if they have broken the rules of Fiverr in some way, if they are selling social likes for other sites, they will eventually be caught. Fiverr does not remove or investigate gigs without a valid reason.

Reply to @jonbaas: well said but then let me tell you this experience i had 2 years ago on fiverr, i had an account which had gotten to level 1 offering some services and my wife got interested and decided to open her own account offering tips and advice on parenting of course on my computer , the account was deleted less than 18 hours later my own account too was affected and my gigs all deleted, when i contacted fiverr cs they said that i had multiple accounts to which i explained that my wife just opened an account and we share the same ip address since we live together but all this fell on deaf ears and waited 45 days , withdrew my little earned funds and left fiverr till now, does this now mean that a relative staying with me can’t access their fiverr account from my home because of similar ip address?? sorry if i had to digress a bit here but sometimes fiverr has to consider some things before banning accounts.

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@kjblynx pretty much answered your questions for me. So, I don’t have anything new to add. :slight_smile: