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Fiverr seems to have an unfair reputation for scamminess

I know a number of people who either are freelancers or have purchased freelancers’ work. They’re from a range of fields but mostly interested in SEO, writing, or editing/proofreading. Literally everyone I’ve mentioned Fiverr to whose heard of it thought it was just full of scammers!

I’m an expat so this is talking to people from a couple of different countries. Fiverr certainly seems to have a reputation!

What sort of reputation do you think Fiverr has – and what can we (sellers) do to reach good clients despite it?

Judging by my own experience following fiverr related discussions on multiple groups, forums and social media sites it seems like Its is true that reading about negative experiences on fiverr is more common than reading something positive.

But personally over the last 3 years as a buyer and seller for every negative experience i have had about 100 positive experiences.

Solution would be to get people to post and talk more about the positive. The problem is that the human mind seems to be wired to shout when something negative happens and remain silent when all is well.