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Fiverr seems to illegally require a copy of my passport


Then it sounds to me like Fiverr may not be a good fit for you as a freelancer. If you are this concerned about Fiverr’s vetting process, and their security request for you to confirm who you are, then maybe Fiverr isn’t the right place for you to work.

This is how Fiverr has chosen to run their business. We, as sellers, cannot change this. If you don’t like their security measures, then you don’t have to work here. That is a choice you are welcome to make.


And our IDS will also be complete with our Paypal email and our regular email, along with our phone numbers. It’s valuable data to someone. Those sites that sell people’s addresses, phone numbers and other personal information would love to have this data. Then there are companies like LexusNexus that accumulate this kind of information on people. This information has a value.

If we could block out our birthdays and driver’s license numbers it would help somewhat and surely fiverr does not need to see those anyway. All fiverr needs to verify is our name.

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And some companies sell their users data for lots of money. I’m not saying that Fiverr Will do that, but having many people personal IDs make me concerned about what they Will do.


I have been reading about companies that collect people’s DNA for ancestry information like 23andme and ancestry. It turns out the DNA they collect is used for several purposes that customers may not be aware of. Any huge collection of data on people is valuable. Look at how google uses information it obtains.

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I didn’t know that, thanks for the tip. I am still hopeful thanks to advances like facial recognition technology, 2-step verifications, etc.

Of course, fear of identity theft hurts business. I’m often uncomfortable shopping outside of Amazon because I’m not sure if some other website is real or a scam.

So how are you going to make money online? Rover, a dog walking app, asked for references, bank account information (for direct deposit), I had to fill a W9 (tax information), and pay $15 for a background check. I did make $300 from two clients, but that only happened once.

Why not just sign up for identity theft protection? Several companies offer that, and if something bad happens, they will work with the banks, credit cards, get your money back, etc. It costs $10 to $20 a month, might be worth it.

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I once applied for something on a site, probably affiliate marketing, and gave all my personal information including ss number, and later realized it was a fake site that just wanted to collect people’s information.


To my knowledge those were forum ads only and were immediately banned from They are also all dated prior to Discourse when the forum had little filtering capability. It’s too bad that users didn’t (and still haven’t) flagged those. It takes a community to prevent that sort of thing.

ID verification for could also help prevent this sort of thing from slipping past Trust and Safety and making it on to the main site.


I really like you…just saying…


Great! I like this idea. I think it could be added in addition.