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Hi, how are you all? I am Ripon. I am new seller. I have 5 gigs,) professional Digital Marketer and
I want to sell my gigs.I love Fiverr because this is good market place in the World.


When you say “Sell My Gigs” it sounds like you want someone to buy your account from you. It is the second time today I have read this phrasing. If you meant that you want people to buy from your Gigs, to buy your Services, you need to be more clear about that.

English may be a funny/messy language in some ways but like any language, there are words and phrases for everything, and being sloppy about what words you choose can have a very different outcome from what you hoped for. Poor English can be a big reason for people not to hire you.

I note many people with poor English also simply ignore things that they don’t understand. Easy to do, very hard to love with the results as it is an insult as bad as me not thanking your Mother for handing me a Naan bread to eat my Daal with.



But if you are a professional digital marketer it is your job to know how to :point_down:



While I agree with your general sentiment, OP is from Bangladesh. Bengalis don’t generally eat naan as a traditional dish. It’s only popularised in kebab houses in the West because they like to collate all South Asian cuisines into one homogeneous lump. :stuck_out_tongue:


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If you help others to reach to their target audience and get sales for your clients through reaching potential customers why can’t you do the same for yourself? Or how clients can trust you if you are promising to do something for them that you can’t do for yourself?


:joy: :joy: c’mon please leave him alone

Thanks for asking this question

I need capital to do this but now I don’t have the maximum amount of capital I have

Welcome to fiverr forum :heart_eyes: best wish for you

Okay so I completely lost on this :joy: :joy:. Why dont you spend some ‘‘capital’’ to generate more ‘‘capital’’ and continue? I am pretty sure if you have capital to have a internet connection, a desktop, you can have for your own marketing.

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I don’t have it now but I want investors to work with me

Welcome brother… stay with fiverr