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I am facing some issues with my fiverr seller account:

  1. It has been made on Feb, 2019 and had done an irrelevant order, after this order I have never received orders on it till now. What kind of problem may be with my account?
    Account Link:

Best Wishes!


There is no problem with your account. the problem Is that the work that you are showcasing is pretty bad and people are just interested to buy it :woman_shrugging: Simple as that.

You have 3 gigs for mascot logo. And it is against fiverr TOS to duplicate logos offering same service.
Your modern logo gig has nothing to do with “modern” and actually shows zero understanding in design, maybe somewhere in 80s it would’ve been considered an ok design but not in 2020.

Work on your gigs. No, actually first work on your skills, design knowledges and then you’ll be able to create attractive gigs.


should I remove my other mascot gigs?

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And how do you think?

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I would display better work as your cover images

I have paused them now and please look at the account again and tell me what kind of changes do I need to?

:point_down: here you go, as I already said that before