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Fiverr seller agreed she would refund me if I wasn't satisfied with order. Now she won't refund me

I have this Fiverr seller who delivered a poor quality project to me. We came to a agreement to a revision and I asked her if I don’t like the revision, if she could refund me, she said yes. Couple days later, she send a revision and I still wasn’t satisfied with it, I asked for a refund and she keeps refusing and declining even though that’s what she agreed. She is acting unprofessional and saying how she is poor and needs to care for her family and needs the money badly. I feel like I wasted $200 on this project.


You can send a screenshot of the conversation where she says she will refund you to You may be able to get a refund through them.


I guess it’s worth a shot doing this

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For $200, it sure is! You will also need the order number! I have read on the FF that when a seller offers 100% satisfaction, if the buyer is not happy, CS has sided with the buyer. They may tell you to work it out with the buyer but be persistent.

This may be true, but it also may be just a scam.

Come back and let us know how it goes.


I’ll let you know how it goes. I sent a screenshot to customer support of her saying she will give refund of I don’t like the revision. Although it didn’t say in her gig she was going to offer 100 percent customer satisfaction. By the way, what does FF mean?

It just means the Fiverr forum.


Ouch. Sounds like a bad business practice coming from Fiverr seller’s side, even she did agreed for a refund if you weren’t satisfied with the result. I hope you get a refund soon.

I’ve once worked with a client who wasn’t happy with my service 3 months back, because he couldn’t provide a high quality reference image (just a small tiny picture). I message to remind him twice that the clock is ticking after he placed an order. He wanted a portrait of himself in the classic PlayStation 2 video game character, but he couldn’t provide a high quality photo of him taking with iPhone or Android. In the end, I agreed for a refund his money back to him. As a Fiver seller, I understand money is important, however, I would agreed to refund a client. This is the first time the first buyer ever asked for a refunded as I did as he asked.

Whatever this Fiverr seller do, is a bad excuse and also a bad business practice anyway. Sorry to hear that you weren’t satisfied with the order. I hope you get the helps from CS sort this out and refund you your money back. Good luck!

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This is the only grounds you have for a refund and had they not said that you actually wouldn’t have had a chance. It’s still not guaranteed.
The Terms of Service mention poor quality as not being a legit reason for cancellation.

If OP had not mentioned this I would not of had him contact CS. :wink:


wow i like your music videos :wink: yes I know how to find people on the web.

If the seller gives you a refund, then the job should be deleted as well :wink:

Here’s an update, I contacted Customer Support, I showed them the screenshot of the seller saying she would refund me if I didn’t like the revision, they reviewed the message and confirmed that she did agree to cancel and refund. CS asked me if I wanted to cancel, I said yes, and they went ahead and manually cancelled it and got my refund through Fiverr credits. I am glad they were able to help me out

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Thank you! I was a bit surprised you found me :smile: I will be looking for a new seller to complete this project

@eoinfinnegan was able to get a refund. Cs was great and able to assist me.

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