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Fiverr seller fees? 45+%


I did create a support ticket - however i thought that the more experienced community might be able to help.

I am just trying to confirm fiverr fees… I created a custom order for a client for $185.00 - the price that got sent to the client was $270…

that’s a 46% mark up? After the order is complete i’ll lose 20% which is the standard fiverr fee.

But i’m trying to work out how I can price my custom orders correctly as i’m not sure how much loading fiverr put on.

my $185 gig - priced at $270 yet i receive $148… that gives an 82% mark up to fiverr…?

I just want a question answerd:

  1. why does fiverr mark up the price if they are already taking 20%? and what is the markup so i’m aware of it

Fiverr seller fees? 45+%

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You need to remove the name of the buyer from the above post as that is not allowed on the forum.

The offer appears to be in a different currency.


I think it’s to do with your currency settings. Remember all transactions on Fiverr are in US dollars, although you can display financial amounts in your local currency. This does cause confusion. $270 (Australian) = $190 (US)… which is roughly the amount you mentioned.


No it’s always 20%. In some places it shows the US currency and in some places it shows your currency converted from USD. And in some places it shows the fund without the 20% removed and in some places with it removed. Weird discrepancies, I know. I hope they fix it.

ok that makes sense…

So i must have had it on US currency when I did the custom gig which converted it to AUD to the client.

So basically once I withdraw it should convert to AUD and I should get the higher amount.

I’ll see if that’s the case… appreciate your answer to my question.

Yeah strange especially since we both are based in australia…

Perhaps I had it as US when I did the custom quote…


No your buyer’s currency wouldn’t influence what Fiverr shows you.