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I thought it might be fun for sellers to share some of the tricks they know for adding a personal touch and making their gigs more attractive.

I’ll share a couple I found out this week (I didn’t come up with them!) :slight_smile:

  1. If you missed the recent Forum post on how to use Fiverr Anywhere to make on-site upsells, you have to check it out! I’m currently trying to think up some ideas of how I can leverage it myself:

  2. Inspired by one very highly rated editor, I have turned on the Live Portfolio for my gigs and now add a custom “Thank You” note to every delivery. Since I’m an editor, I also say how many corrections I made.

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@fonthaunt If the screenshot isn’t allowed for some reason, please remove it :slight_smile:


This is great advise. I have a question. How do you change the number of corrections on that graphic for each delivery?

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Wow. What a great idea. :slight_smile:

Adam (AKA @twistedweb123) explained it in a post somewhere. If it’s not in the one Sydney linked I’ll try to find it and add the link. My unfortunate experience with the neat trick is that for some reason Live Portfolio does not really work on my account. I’ve asked CS and they say it works fine, but even when my buyers leave the delivery image intact it almost never shows in my LP. I’ve pretty much given up on adding the images.

Edit: Ok, here is a link to the original post, great reminder @sydneymorgan!


I have Photoshop but I personally used a site called to design this one. It’s free to join and it’s all done on the web. Just design something and then save it to your account (they have both free and paid elements you can use, but I used only free ones in my design).

All I have to do is go to Canva, change the number, and then download the image for my delivery. It’s really quick and simple :slight_smile:

I had no idea there was an automated script, that’s very cool!

I just saw mrproofreading using images and found a way to do it. Thanks for sharing the link, I’m going to check it out :smile:

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That’s a great advise.:star_struck: