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Fiverr seller Hijacked my facebook page

Well, I GOT STUNG GOOD. I hired a Fiverr expert to do some work for me on my Facebook page. He was helping with some FB ads I wasn’t happy with his work, and I asked for a refund.
He didn’t want to give me a refund, and before I knew it he got into the admin portion of my page because I had him there to help me with my page, and he locked me out of my Facebook page ( hijacked my page) when I got ahold of Facebook they did call me back, and they are not allowed to tell me who has administrative rights to an account, however, if you ask them if a particular person is an administrator they can say yes or no so I gave them his name and they confirmed he is now administrator.

He’s mad at me and he has either hijacked my Facebook page or someone got in his computer and kicked me off and now he is the sole administrator of my page. Just today ( 30 hours later) I got my facebook page back. I was told through not to speak to him under any circumstances. I’m supposed to forward any communication from him to me to Facebook.

I see he’s still able to sell services on Fiverr? I wonder why? I’ve sent 3 complaints and several emails back and forth from them ( Fiverr) asking me a few questions I’ve sent Fiverr documentation I’m just surprised that they allow him to sell any service STILL at all?

That seller has over 25 excellent reviews is it possible that those reviews could be faked? That could have misled me to hire him?


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yes I was reporting on a new thread the outcome.I finally got my fb page back!

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Best just to update your original thread.


That’s the wrost thing…