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Fiverr seller in your hotel

So I am in Lima, Peru for vacation.

Someone used the computer in the lobby area of the hotel. I sat in the couches in the area waiting.

I noticed the Fiverr logo one one of the pages. Yes I was spying for a second. No I don’t know their password or anything.

He, She or It…was uploading a video for a gig. It got uploaded in shitty free internet connection. Other places of the hotel are wifi only.

My laptop…I forgot to charge it. So I used the hotel computer to check my e-mail.

Fiverr seller finished what he/she/it was doing…let’s just say someone forgot to log out out of Fiverr, gmail, twitter, instagram, and his/her/it’s own website (blog).

When it was my turn (that person thought closing the browser was the only thing he/she/it needed to do instead of logging out of all the things above).

Part of me was tempted to take a picture of my rear end and use it for this person’s Fiverr, gmail, twitter and instagram’s profile photo to teach him/her/it a lesson and make a post on his/her/it’s blog.


What would you do?

That person went to his/her/it’s room, as I was checking my own e-mail, I waved at him/her/it to catch his/her/it’s attention and I mentioned I changed all her profile photos to picture of my rear end. I counted to 15 and said I was joking and let her open new tabs to check.

I was so nice and respectful


So what I wonder is if you will seem to fiverr to have two accounts due to using this same computer as someone else with one.

(It was nice of you not to look around at the his/her/it’s personal messages and other things on their accounts.)

I would have logged them out too.

I reset the IP address of a computer whenever I log into it.

How do you do that?

I think I hear the faint nee-naw nee-naw of the Fiverr Trust & Safety Team.

2 people in one location is one thing but 2 people in the same location with the same IP? That’s not a red flag. That’s somebody with Tourette’s practicing semaphore in the middle of Heathrow.


two people using the same IP is not always bad.

What if you go to your local public library branch offering WIFI?

That other Fiverr person has usual IP (her/his/it’s home/work IP) and my own “standard IP”, 99% of the times. Here in Peru just for a couple of weeks. both our IPs will go back to our usual home IP addresses.

I’ve been living out of various hotels for over a month now across four time zones. I’ve used hotel Internet service and my hotspot.

Knock on wood, still have my account. :grinning:

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Nice, that just proves how nice you are.
HIS/HER/IT’S BLOG - Dude there are only 2 genders, relax.

A little ironic telling someone to relax while being the gender police, no?

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FWIW I sometimes go to the local hostel in summer when my internet craps out, as they have fab internet. I buy a drink, they let me use their facilities. So far, no issues with Fiverr over IP issues.

I do come across some other sellers from time to time, but they’re not “digital nomads” (I’m sure this will change…), and usually “consultants” of some breed.

Dear @emmaki, that was the punch line Thanks for giving it away.
What’s more ironic? Gender Policing or Policing on Gender Policing?

Neither. Policing ironic policing on gender policing which polices gender policing.


I would have done the same!

:bulb: Joe

I am not being the gender police, I do not want to give a single clue of what this fiverr seller is.

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miroslav, that was in response to ssj…

*Miroslav <---- that’s my name

I have somewhat of a similar story…

A client on another freelancing website gave me the password for their email for work purposes. I asked them to do some edits to the contract and they agreed but didn’t follow through and went unresponsive for weeks. Growing impatient, I decided to try the password to log into their account. And, voila, I was in. I made the edits and left myself a nice 5-star review (I did do good work, so no guilt about that).

Fine, you win this one. Till next time.

not everyone identifies as male or female.