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Fiverr seller is a day late with the delivery and won’t respond to my messages, have I been scammed?

This is the FIRST time this is happened to me and it’s frustrating! The seller seemed trustworthy and has got good ratings on fiverr but why didn’t he at least extend the delivery date?? I’ve been messaging him and he hasn’t even responded and I can’t find a good reason for this so i’ve contacted the resolution Center who are dealing with it but if he doesn’t responded in 2 days would I get a refund?? This is SO annoying!!

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The seller could have had an emergency come up. However, that does not help your situation, if he does not deliver that does not help you.

Did you ask to cancel the order? I think if the buyer does not return in two days you will get your funds returned to your Fiverr account. If the seller does return and has the work done then you have what you paid for.

If the delivery is late, after a certain amount of time (a few days max, Ithink), you’ll get an option to cancel the order and get refunded + the seller will get an automatic 1* review (which is pretty bad for them).


You will get refunded if the seller does not deliver the work. Fiverr still have the money and won’t let go until you approve the delivery and mark the project as complete.

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But maybe something might have happen to the seller. You never know, especially in this hard time with the virus.


Personally I would rather have the delivery than the refund and it’s frustrating that it would get to that point

As it is 24+ hours late, which is marked as very late, any cancellation should be ruled in your favour. Then there’s the mutual cancellation, the step you’re at before the CS cancellation.

Two things:

  • Your funds are always frozen unless you decide to complete an order, so you will always get a “refund” (more like a “de-pending” of funds since they never really went anywhere other than getting transferred on Fiverr - the seller gets them).
  • If you’re getting any kind of commercial or licence use/full rights/broadcast rights work done, which we talk about a lot on the forums here, you will lose your rights if you cancel, so beware.

Try to hold on before any automatic cancellation and give a meh-to-negative review if your work gets delivered, then. Don’t worry, I understand your annoyance.

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This may be helpful to you:

I understand, but emergencies do come up. Most sellers avoid later deliveries like the plague! And with the pandemic walking the earth, the seller truly may have had an emergency.

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the delivery is late, after a certain amount of time you’ll get an option to cancel the order and get refunded . You will get refunded if the seller does not response your messege.thanks

You’ve not been scammed because he has no access to your money until the order is marked as complete. As many said, if it seemed to be a trustworthy seller with many great reviews who suddenly disappeared and has not been online and responding since then - there might have been happened something. I can understand that it’s frustrating. But as most of us sellers are freelancers, we have no boss that gets contacted when we’re in the hospital. No one who will answer our business mails or who will take over the project when we’re not available due to a emergency. Just be calm, you’ll definitely will get back your money if he is not delivering.

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Ok that’s reassuring, thanks :ok_hand:t6: It just all seemed strange to me

Like everyone in the above mentioned seems like seller has a problem in health or any problem regarding to his or her life ,for you as buyer there is nothing to worry because even though you payed for the order without any deliveries that seller will not have any access to your funds so don’t worry.

Be patient and Wait that’s my suggestion

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