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Fiverr seller leaves a false review and does a dumb thing HELP

I am an AMV editor and the clients give the song,before the order the client wanted his delivery in one day paying an extra of 10 dollars while the original gig without fast delivery was 3 days,I accepted and got to work as he had given me a deadline of 10pm(12 hours) and under 6 hours I gave his delivery and went of to bed as it was 2 in the night.In the morning he then said that he wants to cancel the order just because he has found someone else after I have delivered the full work…i delinced his dispute with a reply(screenshot has been given above the post) but now he wants a revision,which is perfectley ok but he hasnt ordered a revision even though he had unlimited revisions,even then i started to change things in the order.One hour later i get a one star review which has ruined my profile fr 4.9 stars to 4

what do i do about the one star it has ruined my profile!?


absolutely nothing , it’s sad when things like these happen however you can’t do much about it… Move on and deliver quality work to have better ratings… In this case if the buyer is not communicating about the issue and tries to do these kind of things that are against the TOS … ( he should’ve said that he found someone before you delivered the gig ) it’s best to contact support and ask them to cancel the order without affecting your stats at least…


Yes, but in this scenario he supposedly delivered quality work, buyer just found some poor soul to do it cheaper or wants to get it for free.

well its sad that i cant do nothing.Have been delivering quality work since the beginning with all my customers happy

True , but there’s nothing that can be done at this point … even if it’s unfair… If a buyer wants to give you 1 star then… he can do that even if you’re wrong or right … as a seller you can only behave professional and deliver quality work … if you suspect him of bad intentions probably contacting support is the best solution …especially if he started a dispute on the order.

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Not even contact CS?

If he delivers what was bought and the job is done well as per offer, why would he have to lose money and get 1*?

I had client like that. After delivery he wanted cancellation. I refused 5 times and then CS got involved, they canceled on their end, i lost money and no review was recorded on my account.

So basically he has two options, fight to get CS to keep his money and bad review, or CS to refund the money to buyer and remove the review.

he never said a thing about finding someone else he was more focused on the deadline than anything else and canceling the order means my work goes out for free while I spent time and effort to get nothing

indeed … but there aren’t many options now , I agree with you however once he leaves a review… it usually stays there forever and it’s kinda hard to prove to support that the buyer did this on purpose… he can always say that he didn’t like the work

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it doesn’t work like that anymore … this usually results in a warning for the seller , I wouldn’t ask support about anything that has to do with reviews


i will stick to the bad review side as i started the order as soon as i got the order (due to his deadline) rescheduling important things i had to do so its a double disadvantage for me

My incident happened two months ago.

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ok thankyou,will not talk to the CS

exceptions are part of the rule I guess , I assume that you had solid proof , it’s not always the case

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You can try that as well , perhaps @marinapomorac could guide you with that , I personally wouldn’t discuss about reviews with support… that’s just me

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Nothing to do.You can highest filed a complain but i dont think any good will come.

well thankyou both it comes to the conclusion that I cant do anything about it except keep the review.Hopefully this doesn’t effect my orders for the future

@nixon_smith oh oh oh WAIT WAIT!!

This is not over yet. I am typing…

In the worst case scenario that you are stuck with this review do this:

“This buyer contacted me and demanded 24 h delivery that later turned in to 6h from order starting time. I worked hard and completed my service to the best of the standards and exactly as he requested.
After he received my work he decided to cancel the order, get the money and my hard work product.
And left me this review as final “reward”.
He will not discourage me and if he can live with himself, let him be. Avoid him.”

Or something along that line… ask others to participate and give suggestions how you should reply to his review.

Oh and 1* to him as buyer!

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yea and filing a complain may get me my stars back but not my funds

im listening mate :slight_smile: