Fiverr seller level 2, suddenly not showing in search?


Hi guys,

as the title says, I have a huge problem. After couple very successful months using Fiverr, both of my gigs have been completely removed from Fiverr search for every single of my keywords. They are just not visible anymore. The only way I can find my gigs is when searching for my nickname, which is useless for my clients. I have sent numerous messages to support and keep getting the same response: everything is ok on my side, this is Fiverr issue and they are in the process of fixing it. I have explicitly asked whether this is some kind of penalty and I was told that everything was fine. Since this has been going on for a month, I refuse to believe that Fiverr has been facing technical difficulties they can fix in over 4 weeks. So what is going on and more importantly when can I do to get my gig back in the search?


I have been dealing with a similar search issue for a few days. Customer Support does not seem to think there is a problem but if enough people open support tickets about the same problem then someone will eventually take this seriously.

Here is a link to the Thread I started if you want to see what I’ve been dealing with and if it is the same problem you are having.

Currently I am running a very comprehensive test of Title, Description and Keyword Tags to test my hypothesis. I’m going to give it a day or two in order to let the search algorithm do its thing then I will post the results.


Fiverr SEARCH problem may be fixed. Please check my thread for more details.