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Hello mates,
I hope you guys are doing great. I’m here to clear my head on a little confusion. Today, on the 15th, I’m supposed to earn my level two badge. The problem is one order that has been scheduled to complete automatically at around 07:00 GMT today, turning the last requirement line ($2000 earning) green. It’s been almost three days since the work was delivered; the client complimented me on the quality work via inbox but didn’t mark the order complete. So I’m not worried about being asked for any revision at the moment. The only thing I’m concerned about is that would Fiverr count that order too in today’s evaluation, or will the activity till the 14th be measured? Your answers are highly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:



Hey Zaid!

Unfortunately, I think only “cleared” stuff counts - it stinks, but you’ll probably have to wait until March 15th to move up. All the promotion algorithms, with the exception of “hand picked” stuff like pro, is all computerized I believe - a pass/fail system based on straight-up metrics, not humans looking critically at your account and manually promoting you.

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Of course, only the cleared stuff counts. Actually, I’m asking about the orders cleared on the 15th (evaluation day). Do they count for the same day evaluation or for the next months’? For example, the order I’m talking about, just got cleared half an hour ago. Now I’m clear to get promoted to level two. Will I get my badge today or will I have to wait until March 15?

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Just wait, it’s not instant

The Evaluation Period hast not finished yet. (See your Next Evaluation on Feb 15.)


You will get your Badge today.

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Hi! I suggest you wait until the end of the day to be sure, be patient. Otherwise, it means that you’ll earn level 2 badge next month, the 15th of March.

Yes, I’ve already got my badge.
Thanks for your time.
Cheers! :blush:

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wow Congratulations… :heart:

Thank you mates… :heart: