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Fiverr seller mad at me locked me out of my FB page

Hello, Everybody, I’ll keep this short… I hired a Fiverr expert to do some work for me on my Facebook page. He was helping with the design of some FB ads I wasn’t happy with his work and I asked for a refund.
He didn’t want to give me a refund but I wound up winning my case and before I knew it he got into the admin portion of my page because I had him there to help me with my page, and he locked me out of my Facebook page ( hijacked my page) when I got ahold of Facebook they did call me back, and they are not allowed to tell me who has administrative rights to an account, however, if you ask them if a particular person is an administrator they can say yes or no so I gave them his name and they confirmed he is now administrator.

He’s mad at me and hijacked my Facebook page.

Facebook said it would take 24 to 48 hours to get my page back to me and give me my admin rights back.

I’ve also emailed fiverr. I wish they had an easier way to get ahold of Fiverr especially when it comes to issues like this.

This seller had a few good replies to some jobs he did so I decided to give him a try, and he was very helpful at first I hired him two times the first job he did was GREAT! WELL DONE… but he was very sloppy on the the2nd job I hired him for
He told me I would have been given a refund but involving Fiverr was not right. I waited several days with no reply, so I got Fiverr involved. I hope I get my facebook page back undamaged.

Is there a direct way at all to get ahold of fiverr?? and what will they do when they get my documentation? any ideas??

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The only way is through customer support. From what others report they will review the information before making a decision however the decision may or may be disclosed.

I wonder how long this will take?? and if they would refund me all I paid for the past work?? All I really want is my FB page back

What is it you want fiverr to do? Are you simply trying to report him?

I was hoping that they may be able to intervene and help me get my Facebook page back

Sorry but fiverr probably won’t do that.

Hi @kram1963

Sorry you are going through this. Please report the seller to CS telling them what happened & attaching proof of your conversation with FB, specially where it says the seller is the new adm, and ask for a refund.

Here’s the link to open a ticket or you can mail them to

Unfortunately fiver doesn’t intervene for the matters that are outside of fiverr. That’s why it’s against TOS to contact utside fiverr because they wouldn’t be able to do anything.

So I guess it’s a different seller not the one that was not replying to you for 10 hours?

Asking for 2 refunds in 2 days? Looks like you found out that you can abuse the system.
FYI: in fiverr TOS it’s said that orders are not cancelled based on quality of work and you can always ask for a revision instead of cancellation.
And also for your information even if you are a buyer you are allowed to have only certain amount of refunds and if it occurs more than usual they will block your account.


As we speak I’m talking to somebody on Facebook my personal page the one he didn’t steal and I have instant message going with Fiverr I’m hoping they’ll only be able to help me

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Please understand that you must report that seller. That’s an unacceptable behaviour from any seller.

Hi @mariashtelle1

I don’t know about the other refund but I do believe this could have happened to kram.

I remember of a seller bragging of doing something similar to this, his comment was about the mess he did for having been forced to cancel.

Oh definitely! This is unacceptable behaviour from a seller. No matter how mad you are and how unprofessional your buyer we still should remain professional all the time.

But if it’s already the second refund that buyer is asking in 2 days I think the problem not only in sellers. (He just got unlucky that the last one wasn’t the most patient person and decided to take his revenge on him. Which is as again unprofessional and should be reported no matter what.)

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This isn’t in the TOS. It may happen though to some buyers who abuse it.

I want to clarify something here the first order that I canceled was because the fella never communicated he gave me my money back and I got an email from him apologizing telling me that his communication skills need to be worked on and he’s very sorry and he was glad to give me the refund it just took a while to get it the second one now that stole my account I dealt with him two times on Fiverr never a problem he did a great job his third job all he did was move text around from the top to the bottom and take two pictures off my website that’s it that’s not what I asked him to do and I paid him over $100 I asked him to please take care of what I wanted and he told me that I’m being demanding and I said no I’m not I’m paying for a service you didn’t provide I gave him a day and a half to refund me and he didn’t I told him I was going to contact Fiverr he never responded and I contacted Pfeiffer they got involved and see it my way he got mad and then locked me out of my Facebook account and just so you know I have a third Fiverr seller that’s working on my website now and he’s doing a fantastic job I’m not having any problem and I’m more than happy to pay him he’s almost done so I just had a string of bad luck and it’s not fair that a lot of people judge me here because I had to bad problems right off the bat this third person I’m working with has been fantastic from start to almost finished with virtually done I know I won’t have a problem with him we’re 99% done so I somewhat take offense to those that really don’t know the situation I got unlucky with one person who didn’t communicate and then I got another one who got mad because he didn’t do what he promised and then stole my Facebook page