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Fiverr Seller Mentorship Program

Looking from the outside in, Fiverr seems like a very easy solution to make additional income. However as soon as your create your 1st 7 gigs you suddenly realize how competitive and hard it is to actually get clients as a seller without any reviews.

I’m suggesting a Fiverr seller mentorship program for any experienced seller who gets tons of jobs and new sellers who are basically just starting off. The experienced sellers would delegate jobs to these new sellers to get experience and reviews on their gig, and get paid in the process.

New sellers would only get paid a maximum of $5 while apart of this program for any jobs a tenured seller agrees to work with them on.

The experienced seller should get the option to choose which new seller he would like to mentor and both would have to work together for a standard period of time stipulated by Fiverr.

There would be guidelines which would be the modus operandi of the mentorship program of how each party should interact with each other while apart of this program.

If Fiverr does this it would change the game of Freelancing when compared to its competitor sites.

This would help skilled new sellers on the platform to gain experience from tenured sellers and build the overall value on the platform.


Please tell me you’re joking.

The entitlement in this proposal is strong on this one.

If a buyer hires someone, it’s because they want that person. If I buy something from someone after having taken the time to find his person I want and that person then refers me to someoen else – an inexperienced person – I’d leave and never return.

And being paid to recommend someone is beyond unethical.

Furthermore, no successful seller would want to do this.

If you can’t get sales, learn why and do the work. We did. So you can, too.

The biggest problem is that people sell superfluous services. Then they come here whining that they aren’t getting sales. Your supposed mentorship program doesn’t change the fundamental issue: that most of the sellers you speak of don’t even try to understand sales. They instead use tricks to try to game the system.

And what you’re describing isn’t mentorship.


:flushed: :roll_eyes:

This is the second time today I read users refer to Fiverr as a passive income…

Sorry, but no. No work, no money - whether easy money or not!


Your Idea Seems Useless.
The sellers getting enough orders can limit their orders to a number they want ( in Fiverr ) so it is quite abnormal that they will be needing other sellers to do their work.
If a buyer is hiring a seller , he/she would expect the same seller to work on his project as he selected the seller from thousands of other options (s)he had. That means (s)he selected due to experience / ratings and all.
There are a tons of other buyers I see, who like to work with new sellers as they believe that new sellers have less orders to do so they will focus more on their order and give better outcomes whereas they don’t prefer buying from the one having 50 orders in queue.


I think you’re confusing ‘mentorship’ with ‘employment’.

“and someone who wants to learn.”

What do think the forums are for? What the ‘Tips for Sellers’ category is for?

So, you basically want it to not be freelancing.


Or OP wants somehow for Fiverr to actually become passive income.

Yep! :wink:


Passive income is totally a thing.

But this example isn’t it!


He wants the sales handed to him on a plate regardless of competition and demand.

He wants sellers who understand sales to help him compensate for his lack of understanding of it.


Passive Income

Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain. It is called progressive passive income when the earner expends little effort to grow the income. Examples of passive income include rental income and any business activities in which the earner does not materially participate.

The above is from Wikipedia.

That is not how Fiverr works and as you can see nobody agrees with your suggestion.


Also, passive income is only achievable if a person has a high level understanding of how sales works.

If this seller had this understsnding, he wouldn’t be suggesting this.

If he can’t make sales of his gig he definitely won’t sell at passive income (and this isn’t passive income, of course).

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I have passive income from book sales on Amazon - wrote the book(s) once and now sell them over and over again. Thus, passive.

Actually, Fiverr already has a mentorship program - it’s available to TRS (HA! they may dispute this) and Pro sellers. It’s called the seller success program. You’ll note it’s only available to sellers who have already shown they are able and willing to put in the work required for success as a freelancer on fiverr …


For passive income you could create something like a document/.pdf that you could sell to multiple buyers on Fiverr. After the inital work it would be more or less passive income. You’d still need to attach it and deliver it in the orders so it wouldn’t be as passive as an Amazon book that kept selling with no more input from the seller after they did the work initially.


This was tried by fiverr years ago. Much to everyone’s surprise, no experienced sellers wanted to participate!

What seller wouldn’t want to give his orders and help to new competition? It’s still a great mystery.


The difference between mentorship and internship are very minimal and people do get paid internships. I’m applying some aspects of internship to the idea, if you have a better name for the idea I would love to hear it

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I guess that’s just how the world is every man for himself, once I become a leveled seller I would love to be apart of something like this.


the word passive was used in error so I adjusted the post

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If you owned a restaurant and a new restaurant opened next door I’m sure you, as a kind person, would rush over to help them be successful and send your customers over to them!

Why can’t the world be like this? Why are others besides you so selfish?


It’s not the same concept, you wouldn’t be giving them your customer or client. You as the seller would give them the job the review would come from you and not your client.

You delegate the task to them, they return it to you.You inspect it, if it needs adjusting then they adjust and return it.

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How rewarding for any seller, to be the boss and give their orders to a new competitor! How fun to hire a new untried competitor and guide them on how to be successful so they can compete with you!


Employment. When you’re first hired for a job, you go through an orientation process, and are placed under a trainer. They help show you the ropes of the job and direct tasks to you so you can learn.

Generally, the trainer, during that time isn’t doing work. Their ‘job’ is making sure you can do your job.

Trainers get paid, teachers get paid, tutors get paid. Mentors don’t.