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Fiverr seller networking

I am fairly new to Fiverr. I am enjoying the experience so far and love the opportunity to promote my business. In my business of streaming TV, I have a great deal of customers that need commercial production of one type or another. It would be a benefit for me to network with other providers to provide ongoing service (video, animation, music, etc.)

So I would love to hear from others that are interested. Keep in mind, networking means looking out for one another! Anyone interested in FIVERR Networking?

So you want to simply send your personal customers to various Fiverr sellers who can help them create the work to stream? ANd then you want them to refer their fiverr buyers to your gig on Fiverr, right?

I think you have to find the right niche beaues it looks like you offer to strem someone’s commercial on TV, howver when most buyers go get a video or animation done they aren’t going to that animator and asking for business advice on where to then advertise my busiess.

Also, you can only work within Fiverr, you are aware of that right? Meaning it is againt the Terms to contact anyone outside of Fiverr or buy off of Fiverr. That kind of thing.

It’s not really that complicated. Fiverr is set up for internal networking so there will be no violation of the terms of service. As far as asking for business advice, once again, when a person gets their animation or commercial, they could very well be looking for a place to share it outside of social media. Fiverr is a perfect networking environment for networkers. Thanks for your input.

Reply to @natvidclass: Ok, well the way you mentioned it, it sounded like you had clients outside of Fiverr that were independent. But go for it. I would think however that anyone you want to network with, you should order a sample job first and make sure they can deliver.

I’m interested in Fiverr networking and found your conversation because I’m looking for opportunities to network on Fiverr in my industry as well. My niche — on Fiverr anyway — is books & writing. As a book formatter I only had 1 editor I met on Fiverr and not a big relationship to base referrals on. We had a quick conversation. I’ve referred several buyers and didn’t even get a thank-you. I want a better relationship than that with people I refer to. I’m a BNI member in my local area, I’ve been an avid networker in the local area for 10 years – I feel like a lonesome cowboy on Fiverr.

Maybe I can help with scripts. I’m capable of doing video & audio editing (I have courses up on Udemy – you get to be a Jack of All Trades doing things like that), but I don’t want to sell that here. I do have a Fiverr gig to help people script their Udemy course videos, and any of my writing gigs can be used to help people polish scripts. Help them sound more natural, use action words, tug at people’s problems/emotions, etc.

So if you’re still around, maybe we can network. I know it’s been almost a year (Happy Postiversary!) but better late than never!