Fiverr Seller Splash Page?


Would it be within the TOS to create a website where I offer my Fiverr services??

  • I would have videos and blog posts about why you should hire me.
  • I would not include contact information or links outside of the site (except to my Fiverr gigs).

    Is this something that would be allowed?


I seen a few people with pages in the past, including a few TRS so it seems to be within their TOS(I actually found out about Fiverr by finding a TRS’s sales page through an AD). I think the only issue is if you were to link from Fiverr to those pages. Otherwise, I can’t imagine they would get frustrated with you for bringing more business in.

So you get all those sales on sheer Fiverr traffic? I feel like I am missing out on something here!


I have a good deal of regular clients, but yes, as it stands, I have made 100% of my sales from Fiverr traffic.


@pghhearts But yeah, in regards to this. It seems to be ok but obviously the best thing you can do is ask Customer Service in regards to this. I don’t see why they would not allow it, as long as you aren’t voiding any other pages TOS you should be ok. Best of luck and perhaps a TRS will come by and give you a heads up too. Just keep in mind you don’t want to overwhelm yourself or burn out too quickly. Too much bad feedback and the next day the Level 2 star could vanish!